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80's Coin-op Leather Jacket

Become an arcade action hero from the 80's
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For those who played the arcade games in the 80's. Its a leather jacket with a dragon design across the back. In the cuffs of the jacket are motion sensors which translate your arm movements into appropriate sound affects. Make the 'swishy swish' noise as you flail your arms around. Throw a punch and it sounds like you have broken the sound barrier with your fist. Smash out a back elbow and you get a nice 'Unngggh' sound. Also has the dramtic showdown music, end of level boss warning tune and a display screen which translates what ever you say into japenese and then back to English to really confuse people. Until the jacket is worn on the display screen its flashes 'insert credit', once the jacket its put on it simulates the sound of the coin dropping and the happy 'diddly dee' played by almost all arcade games.. Recommended for those who have to rescue a kidnapped girlfriend, are walking through a bad part of town or are secret crime fighting vigilante - be warned though you may be forced to fight a family member whilst wearing the jacket but for no apparent reason...
S-note, Apr 27 2010

sp. Double Dragon http://en.wikipedia...Dragon_%28series%29
[Jinbish, Apr 27 2010]

Also this Dude... http://media.giantb...iga_front_large.jpg
It is still unclear why Tina Turner is attempting to hit him with a club... [S-note, Apr 27 2010]

sp: Bad Dudes http://upload.wikim.../7e/Dragonninja.png
[Jinbish, Apr 27 2010]

Oh... I'll see your 'Renegade' and raise you: http://kofler.dot.a...target_renegade.gif
Target: Renegade. [Jinbish, Apr 27 2010]

Diddley-dee! http://www.youtube....=q_jy6wi9DqA&sns=em
Final Fight. Arcade beat 'em up video game. [Jinbish, Apr 27 2010]

The Daddy http://www.coverbro...rum-games/396-1.jpg
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggggghhhhh! [S-note, Apr 28 2010]


       //For those who played the arcade games in the 80's. Its a leather jacket with a dragon design across the back.//   

       sp. Double Dragon   

       Also, I think it must be lunchtime.
[Jinbish] needs food, badly.
Jinbish, Apr 27 2010

       YES! Double Dragon is the holy grail of the beat 'em up genre. Hence the fighting a family member for no obvious reason...
S-note, Apr 27 2010

       Where's that kung foo swisshing sleeve idea?   

       Can't seem to find it. [+]
skinflaps, Apr 28 2010

       By the title I thought you meant having an arcade game built on the back of your jacket, so when you're queueing in a shop the person behind you can amuse himself while you earn some extra coins. Then he dies in an unfair/annoying way and kicks you in a rage . . .
Bad Jim, May 01 2010


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