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all weather coat: human fur

responds to changes in weather like the fur we don’t have.
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Since, humans came from relatively hot parts of the earth our lean, hairless (mostly) bodies are not very well adapted to the cold. Since, we’re so clever we’ve made jackets (some times out of fur... well, before PETA, at any rate) But, even our most advanced jackets lack the weather responsiveness of real fur.

Take a bear, for instance, in the summer his fur is lighter and stands up more letting the air in. In the winter it thickens up-- if he swims (or if it rains) a layer ‘slick’ hairs stick together keeping much of the water from his skin.

To make a coat like this I say we use “smart” plastics. You know, the stuff that can be trained to remember different shapes depending on the tempeture?

If it’s hot, your coat turns white-silver and little air holes open for circulation. If it’s wet, the coat seals up water tight. If it’s cold, it turns black and a layer (or two depending on how cold it is) of air is formed between you and the cold outside world.

Plus, a coat like this would be a mighty fashion statement.

And you’d only need one. And no more putting on a coat in the morning and carrying it home because it got too hot, or any of that stuff.


Oh-- the thing here is to do climate controlled clothing, but without the moving parts-- or the need for a power source.

futurebird, Aug 19 2001

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Not quite the same development, but similarly hirsute. [Dog Ed, Aug 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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Human fur coats would open up new fashion avenues... [Bonarein, Aug 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I saw a picture on the AP wire of a guy dressed in head-to-toe fur, including a furry mask over his face, playing hockey. It was big long white fur. He looked like a yeti. It was ridiculous.
arghblah, Feb 01 2002

       arghblah: Yetis do not look ridiculous. They look mystical and soulful yet savage and fierce. If I was an imaginary animal, I would definitely be a yeti. Unless I could be Tigger.   

       Anyhow, many people devote a large amount of time and effort to removing what hair they do have. Maybe the answer's just to increase body hair growth. Either that, or giant squirrel costumes.
pottedstu, Feb 01 2002

       Why all the annotes about fur? The idea was to use smart plastics.
dana_renay, Feb 01 2002

       If I could be any plastic, I would definitely be polypropylene. Rugged and persistent, yet glossy and flexible.
Monkfish, Feb 02 2002


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