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Air Duct Jacket

Pipe Warm Air Directly Into Your Jacket or Coat!
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Those of us who live in colder climates have experienced the feelings of being cold after entering a warm car, a department store, or even public transportation.

Rather than just standing there and shivering while you wait to warm up, simply reach into your pocket, pull out the cloth hose and hold it directly up to the nearest forced air duct. And within a few seconds you will have nice warm air being pumped into your coat!

No longer will you stand there with your hands in front of the air vent flapping them around in an attempt to get warm. Just keep your hands in your pocket as the jacket warms up your entire upper body.

Jscotty, Jan 30 2008


       You could probably market the motorcycle model.
normzone, Jan 30 2008

       The guy in Blade Runner who "did eyes" had one of these.
angel, Jan 30 2008

       If your in a warm room why are you still wearing a jacket. And why couldnt you just unzip the thing and stand in front of a vent. If your going outside wouldnt your jacket already be at room temperature in the first place?. If your freezing while your wearing your coat, may i suggest buying another coat.
Antegrity, Jan 30 2008

       Don't they make things like this for cold weather survival?
DrCurry, Jan 30 2008

       //...had an expected 'high' that day in the -40s//   

       You forgot to add (subtract) the 'windchill factor'... new product line: LOX gutters to catch and pipe in fresh oxygen if it gets too stuffy outside.
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2008

       They could also catch and pipe in smoked salmon.
angel, Jan 31 2008

       Couldn't you just take a regular jacket and add on one sleeve extension? Then you'd just extend the sleeve around your hand and reach for the vent.
MisterQED, Jan 31 2008

       //Couldn't you just take a regular jacket and add on one sleeve extension?// Sure, but then it wouldn't be half-baked.
Jscotty, Jan 31 2008

       An excellent idea, that, sadly, times have passed by. It is now the era of Al Gore initiated Global Warming...Air duct equipped jackets will no longer be needed. The proof of Global Warming is no longer debatable...notice the commentaries of -40 degree weather...what more proof does anyone need?   

       Global Warming deniers...take heed....the future is upon you!
Blisterbob, Jan 31 2008

       Shirley an obvious adaptation of this would allow the entire thing to hover?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2008

       When I first saw this, i though it was going to be a cover for the ducts in your house...   

       This idea make a lot of sense, I'd buy it. [+]
wolstech, Jan 31 2008

       What is preventing you from using your jacket sleeve?
Antegrity, Feb 02 2008

       A jacket with built-in ducks? I suppose if the filling is made from down...
ed, Feb 04 2008

       //I might be able to reach a ceiling but most people can't//   

       Perhaps you can get a duct extender for rooms that have ceiling vents.
Jscotty, Mar 29 2009


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