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99% Bio-Trolleys

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99% Bio-Trolleys are shopping trolleys made almost entirely from biodegrading materials.

The main structure would be composed of a bamboo frame, with a woven basket to contain the groceries. In fact only a few of the components needed to make the wheels swivel properly would need to be made from non-bio matter. (I'm describing the small amount of rubber on the wooden wheel rims as a biodegradable material)

In time the bio-trolleys would naturally break down due to wear and tear plus weathering, creating a worthy repair industry based on using even more renewables.

The main advantages of the bio-trolleys are several: cheaper to make; lighter, but just as strong as their metal equivalent; won't cause damage if bashed against a car; simply rots away harmlessly when dumped in the nearest beauty spot; can be chopped up and used to make a nice camp fire in an emergency.

xenzag, May 30 2013

bamboo scaffolding http://actuallyshop...oo-scaffolding.html
[xenzag, May 30 2013]


       I can see places where this would be very appealing. Not the big shopping centers however, due to how harshly they treat the carts. The cart return system could not deal with any variation in dimensions or the issues with distortions or fatigue in use. I could see a Fru Fru place like Natures buying these like hotcakes.
WcW, May 30 2013

       Harsh treatment? No problem - bamboo is incredibly tough. In fact it's in common use as scaffolding for high rise buildings in places like Hong Kong. (see link)
xenzag, May 30 2013

       //won't cause damage if bashed against a car// Gets a [+] for me.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2013

       its a wonderful material. being a good material for scaffold, and being a good material to make a cart system that nests and can be moved around in long trains using a cart pusher are not analogous.
WcW, May 30 2013

       It's a bugger to glue though, the surface layer needs to be taken off first. Suggest you steam it to get the bends in the basket.   

       As a security measure, you could use live bamboo in the uprights and simply stake shoplifters over the trolley in a glass case and wait...
not_morrison_rm, May 31 2013


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