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A Cold Trolley but a Warm Pair of Hands

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My elderly mother has trouble gripping the ice cold handles of a shopping trolley, so this is a simple idea to enable them to have heated handles.

The heat could easily be generated by storage batteries that are re-charged when the trolley is parked. Don't want/need the heat? - an "off" switch takes care of that!

xenzag, Dec 03 2009

trolley http://newsimg.bbc....-trollies203get.jpg
[po, Dec 03 2009]

An easier solution http://stores.optim.../pipeInsulation.jpg
Pipe Insulation [rocdoc, Dec 04 2009]

BRENNEKE http://www.brennekeusa.com/
Remarkably persuasive [8th of 7, Dec 04 2009]


       + oh yeah, this is great! I bet it would dry off the wet ones left out in the rain, too. +
xandram, Dec 03 2009

       sainsbury's trolleys have a plastic covering to the handle which isn't cold - the norm here I think
po, Dec 03 2009

       Well so do Asda's but they are still cold. In fact regardless of the material, all handles stored under the same conditions will be of the same temperature.
xenzag, Dec 03 2009

       [Smut Alert!]

It's always nice to have a warm pair of hands inside your cold trolleys. +[/SA]
DrBob, Dec 03 2009

       They could simply activate when a certain part of the handle is gripped. Then they're auto-off and only on when needed. A master switch could turn them hard off for when the weather is warm.
phoenix, Dec 03 2009

       then wear gloves [yawn]
po, Dec 03 2009

       Hey po, stroke me - I'll warm your hands
The Kat, Dec 03 2009

       some mothers!
po, Dec 03 2009

       When you reach the age of 91 and have painful hands for various reasons, you will be able to reflect better on the benefits of warm handles.
xenzag, Dec 03 2009

       [+] but WTF, she's 91 and pushing her own shopping cart ? Where are you while this is going on, riding in the basket ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 04 2009

       ha ha ha.
po, Dec 04 2009

       Made me laugh - clinging unto her back actually! (in reality she pushes the trolley because she likes the support, whilst I bark out directions and other commands.... like "mammy, mammy mammy buy me more nutella" - and she replies "Quit yer gernin or I'll give ye a skite!"
xenzag, Dec 04 2009

       an easier solution would be to buy a 2 foot length of flexible foam pipe insulation to slip on the cart handle. Sanitary too!   

rocdoc, Dec 04 2009

       That insulation pipe would do nothing to warm the hands.
xenzag, Dec 04 2009

8th of 7, Dec 04 2009

       .. but there-might not
xenzag, Dec 04 2009

       Will you go away now, or would you prefer internal hemorrhaging ?
8th of 7, Dec 04 2009

       What does "go away" mean?
xenzag, Dec 04 2009

       <sound of Mossberg pump-action 12-gauge chambering a 3-inch magnum Brenneke slug round>   

       "Vous comprenez, M'sieu ?"
8th of 7, Dec 04 2009


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