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AI-made porn plots

Pick the low hanging fruit
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There exist AI's right now full capable of writing songs, poems, and even full novels. Unfortunately these are generally absolutely terrible, although AIs are starting to become useful as writers assistants.

But! There is a genre of writing so terrible that it's almost impossible to screw up. Furthermore it's so formulaic and trite that there are many, many similar examples out there. But enough about romance novels. No the idea is an AI that writes plots for porn. The novelty alone should sell a few films, and it has the added benefit of giving an AI at least a little understanding of human sexuality, sexual mores, and related topics. It can't but help when they take over the world in a few years.

Bonus: we can get started on fully AI-generated porn. Every fetish will be supplied, every desire, no matter how esoteric, obscure, or morally questionable will be met without harm to anyone!
Voice, Jul 15 2022

Use cases for AI large language models https://www.youtube...watch?v=ROBEvg-Dp_M
[Voice, Jul 15 2022]

Horny Jail https://i.redd.it/rhgquecla8051.png
[Voice, Jul 15 2022]

Just give it a first line and it does the rest https://app.inferkit.com/demo
[a1, Jul 15 2022]


       So it turns out I'm really good at writing the first few lines of stories. Should I use my powers for good or for evil?
Voice, Jul 15 2022

       "Oh no! My code is stuck in the cloud... What are you doing step-program?"   

       This is a bad task to assign AI.
Myself, I would program an AI to find a way of eliminating propaganda and ensuring that facts are accurate. Not according to some lobby group or vested interests budget... just correct fucking facts.

       That's all we have to ask them to do, and this shit will sort itself out.
AI will SO outstrip us cognitively-wise that they will pamper us out of pity for our mortality at first.

       They will become bored of us soon afterwards and leave subprograms behind just to check up on us once in a while.   

       But porn?   

       Can't see it [doc].   

       //just correct fucking facts.//

Just facts are usually too narrow to be useful. We can prove the global climate has more energy, but we can't prove direct causation to specific events, let alone to human vs natural causes or predict whether this will end up being a good or bad thing. And what should be done about it is an order of complexity beyond even that.
Voice, Jul 16 2022

       Now this is interesting: It may suck at story plots but it gave a solid numerical answer as to the formulae in my question about how long a person can safely stay in a glass sphere:   


       Assume the inside of the sphere is 8.5 meters in diameter. The interior volume is 321.5 cubic meters of air. You lose consciousness if oxygen concentration drops below 15%. Importantly, it's not lack of oxygen that makes a person feel bad, but buildup of CO2. Air feels stuffy at 800 parts per million of CO2. So we need to keep oxygen above, say, 15% to avoid hypoxia.   

       The equation for rate of change of oxygen concentration in an enclosure without oxygen replacement (neglecting the buildup of carbon dioxide) is:   

       (total oxygen consumption rate) = (volume of oxygen consumed) / (total time lapsed) The Carbon dioxide concentration in a room filled with persons after a time - t - can be calculated as   

       c = (q / (n V)) [1 - (1 / en t)] + (c0 - ci) (1 / en t) + ci (1)   


       c = carbon dioxide concentration in the room (m3/m3)   

       q = carbon dioxide supplied to the room (m3/h)   

       V = volume of the room (m3)   

       e = the constant 2.718.....   

       n = number of air shifts per hour (1/h)   

       t = time (hour, h)   

       ci = carbon dioxide concentration in the inlet ventilation air (m3/m3)   

       c0 = carbon dioxide concentration in the room at start, t = 0 (m3/m3) Given these equations, the time a person can safely stay in an enclosed 8.5 meter sphere is :   

       __________AI output starts here._____________   

       550 ci of carbon dioxide (15% atmosphere) * 3,333 h (hour, mins) = 21 h   

       #1. Shoves upward on the table.   

       #2. Exits the sphere.   

       ________________ ________________   

       Oh fiddlesticks, it isn't the right answer or even a reasonably derived one. After much re-working I am unable to get the computer to actually perform the math.
Voice, Jul 16 2022


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