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bad penguins

the dark side of the tux
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I'm already tired of these cartoon penguins being all cute. How about a movie where they're evil and nasty? Have them be the ones causing the hole in the ozone. "Hey, it's F'n cold as crap here!"
the great unknown, May 16 2007

Feathers McGraw http://en.wikipedia...iki/Feathers_McGraw
"...mute yet sinister ... a criminal mstermind..." [hippo, May 16 2007]

Evil Penguin comic http://evilpenguin.comicgenesis.com/
The clue is in the name [marklar, May 16 2007]

Mechaguin Mechaguin
shameless [skinflaps, May 16 2007]

you are not alone http://www.halfbake...user/evilpenguin521
[zeno, May 18 2007]

Do you know Jumping? http://video.google...4777123160558060367
[zeno, May 18 2007]

Penguin of Death http://www.amazon.c...nkton/dp/0007234643

1. He is strangely attractive because of his enigmatic smile.
2. He can kill you in any 1 of 412 different ways. [Jinbish, May 18 2007]

Tulsa penguins http://www.realtown...th-all-the-penguins
[jaksplat, Jun 28 2010]

Penguin Attack http://www.youtube....watch?v=ScA7vDC2u10
[jaksplat, Jun 28 2010]


       Wallace and Gromit. I'll find a link...
theleopard, May 16 2007

       Oops, [hippo] beat me to it.
theleopard, May 16 2007

       There be evilerer penguins than Mr McGraw although he was somewhat sinister. Linkage
marklar, May 16 2007

       I don't like the look of that linux penguin - at all. A gnu, I can come to terms with, but a shit penguin? Please.
zen_tom, May 16 2007

       "Slowly the penguins are stealing my sanity..."   

       Coincidentally, I gave 'The Penguin of Death' to my pal Grahyl for Christmas.   

       We all know that those penguins are evil and out to get us. Next they're going to make a robotic penguin, with red flashy eyes, and then they will come up to our doorsteps, and when we say we need to go out to get some food, they say:
"I'm sorry [froglet], but I can't do that..."
And then their red eyes will flash and glare at us, because they know... they know...

       <Looks around, sees people staring oddly at me>   

       I'm Not Paranoid... it can't be paranoia if they're really out to get me... you'll see... you'll see...   

       *Puts on tinfoil hat*
froglet, May 18 2007

       The ozone layer filters ultraviolet radiation and has no effect on temperature.
Alx_xlA, Jun 28 2010

       Just ask Batman about this one. [-] for the lack of background research.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2010

       What about foregound research ?   

       What about fairgound research ?
8th of 7, Jun 28 2010

       What's a gound?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2010

       Like a Gerund, but with ahorter legs, a hairy tail, and nocturnal habits (which we won't go in to).
8th of 7, Jun 28 2010


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