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All Trailer Movie

Who needs substance.
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Wide releases these days are pretty good at being unsatisfying. But you have to love the trailers. Three minutes of violence, sex, great lines and jokes. Trailers never let us down. So how about 90 minutes of trailers. 20-25 trailers and then one extended 15 minute trailer. Each one completely nonreferential.
miggavin, Dec 16 2005

Plagiaristic_20Films by me. [calum, Dec 19 2005]


       I seem to remember that a few years back Empire, a top selling UK film magazine, did a free video containing a continuous stream of trailers. It were shite.
calum, Dec 16 2005

       IN A LAND WHERE ROYALTY IS KING. ONE CHILD HOLDS THE KEY TO THE MAGIC SECRET. "ahhhhhhhhh! whoah Ack1!!!* 'Never you swine!"... "Get a life!" *Kapowpowpowpowpowpow!* BOOOOMMMMMMMMM! THE CHILD OF SECRETS. RATED R. COMING SOON!"
phundug, Dec 16 2005

       + for not trying to sneak the word "nonreferential" into movie dialog.
reensure, Dec 16 2005

       I've been contemplating this same idea. Only instead of a bunch of nonreferential trailers strung togeather, I wanted a 2 hour movie that moved at the pace of a trailer. You could fit all 7 Harry Potter movies or all 6 Star Wars movies (or maybe even both) into one movie. The only down sides I can think of is that you'ld have to sacrifice all subtlty and sub-plot and the audience would leave the theater completely exhausted.
Erfunden, Dec 16 2005

       For theatrical release, edit bit's of trailers throughout - so there's some sort of accidental story. Don't forget the THX bombardment at get-a-clue moments.   

       Hopefully, for the DVD version, one can edit it on the fly.
thumbwax, Dec 18 2005

       I suppose it could be considered modern art...
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       Yes, but almost anything could be considered modern art.
wagster, Dec 18 2005

       My cable TV provider actually has a channel that plays nothing but movie trailers. I admit that I have spent hours sitting on my sofa looking at the same 14 to 20 trailers over and over again. Now imagine if they were all different. I would definately buy a DVD full of trailers. Even though its somewhat of a reality now, it still gets my vote!
Jscotty, Dec 18 2005

       This would work especially well for the porn industry.
theircompetitor, Dec 18 2005

       Ah, bliss - the movie you can never be late for...
froglet, Dec 18 2005

       If only all the major movie outlets showed porn movies...
Honduras, Dec 19 2005

       Just go to any movie nowadays and you should get roughly 90 minutes of coming attractions.   

       Have a friend cover your ears when the title of the movie comes if you want nonreferential.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 19 2005

       I wonder if it would be possible to make a really clever movie in the style of movie trailers, You start watching what appear to be unconnected trailers for random movies, but as the film progresses you start to see links between the trailers and a complex story unfolds...
Minimal, Dec 19 2005

       That sort of sums up Pulp Fiction, doesn't it?
Honduras, Dec 19 2005

       Reader's Digest Movies... not bad.
zigness, Dec 19 2005

       By nonreferential, I meant that there wouldn't be any actual movies beyond the trailers for those nonexistent movies, but they would still be titled and full of stars and could be mistaken for real movie trailers. The trailers could reference anything. And Minimal, yeah thats good.
miggavin, Dec 23 2005


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