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Bill and Ted at Downton Abbey

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This year we expect the release of both a Downton Abbey movie and the long-awaited Bill and Ted 3.

The mashup is obvious and inevitable.


jpk, Jan 17 2019

Theme tune available - Jump to 1:30 https://www.youtube...start_radio=1&t=140
Written and performed by Bill. [MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2019]


       Presumably to be followed by "The Crawley Family's Excellent Adventure" ... ?
8th of 7, Jan 18 2019

       I haven't watched Downton Abbey. but I would expect that an episode of BaTaDA would run as follows (to first ad break):
<Ext, day, it is misty and cold, a shooting brake pulls up on the gravel outside a large English house, the household staff stand lined up, shivering, from the car steps WAYWARD SON and his CRONIES>
WAYWARD SON: what ho servants I am finished shooting and am going to see my aged disapproving parents
GAY BUTLER: very good sir
CRONIES (variously): pip pip! / tally ho! / girfuy!
<Int, the library, day, MALE PARENT sits reading a large newspaper. dust motes whirl idly in what low autumn light comes through the windows, FEMALE PARENT sits fretfully picking at the embroidered arm of the chaise longue, GAY BUTLER enters>
GAY BUTLER: your Wayward Son
<WAYWARD SON enters>
WAYWARD SON: what ho parents i have been shooting things. with my gun.
MALE PARENT: it is time you were married
<WAYWARD SON casts furtive, wet eyed look out of library window to see PLAIN JANE SCULLERY MAID's face pressed, similarly furtive and wet eyed against the glass>
FEMALE PARENT: we have arranged it all.
<GAY BUTLER re-enters>
GAY BUTLER: your future wife
FEMALE PARENT: this is who you will marry.
MALE PARENT: the wedding is to be tomorrow
FEMALE PARENT: Gay Butler, you may go
GAY BUTLER: certainly, ma'am
FEMALE PARENT: oh and Gay Butler, please dismiss Scullery Maid without a reference
<with a crackle of cheap special effects, an Amercian telephone box appears in the library, out step BILL S. PRESTON ESQ and TED "THEODORE" LOGAN>
BILL: no way, we made it!
TED: yeah, we made it!
<BILL and TED play air guitar>
calum, Jan 18 2019

       A blue police box also pops in from nowhere...
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2019

       Is it possible to re-enter without previously exitting?
pocmloc, Jan 23 2019

       category. On a related note I hope to one day write an idea that truly belongs in other:general
Voice, Jan 23 2019

       {discrete applause for [calum]}
pertinax, Feb 04 2019

       <air guitar>
calum, Feb 05 2019

       // I hope to one day write an idea that truly belongs in other:general //   

       Will it involve Kernel Error, Major Fault and Private Grief ?
8th of 7, Feb 05 2019

       The theme tune for this movie is already written <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2019

       I predict that Bill and Ted will suffer a time-travel accident in 1990 that propels them back to 1920’s England, where they pick up key characters of Downton Abbey, and then are propelled forward to 2020. Bizarrely, Bill and Ted have aged 30 years in the process. The members of Downton, have aged only 5 years, but seem better adapted to the current political situation.
Frankx, Sep 23 2019

       //political situation// Steady on old chap. We don't want to panic people.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2019


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