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analyse your date based on their top two favourite movies

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Okay, I came up with this idea for analyzing guys somewhere in the midst of my former marriage (1999-2006 R.I.P.) to this sociopath slash loser who I'll call Bob. Bob had a real thing for what I call MOB MOVIES (don't believe guys who claim they love the director). I couldn't help noticing the correllation between all of his mob movies with their lack-of-concience and my then- husband's lack of concience. He was a good sociopath so I didn't discover that he'd been cheating on me with hookers for the entire marriage. This was particularly insulting since he'd been shamelessly injuring me financially the whole time. (Cougar Warning: He was 9 years younger than I was) THIS COULD LIKELY HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!

If you know your movies then this little test works great. One of the best things about it is that if you do it right they tell you the unvarnished truth because they have no idea that you're analizing them. Here's what you say (bat your eyelashes a few times first, and say it casually)


After that you can ask them why they like the movie or what it's about to them.

My ex was what I call a DOUBLE-MOB. Don't date a Mob type unless you like sociopaths (not even a half-mob) unless you're that type too.

Redneck guys (dumb ones, they're not all dumb) like Porky's and some other equally stupid flick.

If your man likes The Lake House it means you live in the same house and never see each other (trust me)...his other pick was Love Story (the love that lasts for eternity with absolutely no arguing).

Guys who like Forrest Gump seem to say the word "underdog" (and my experience was that they had somethin' to prove) but that one needs more investigation.

Try this. It'll make you totally laugh if you try it on people you know well.

REMEMBER: Ask Casually!

Please test and expound.

My favs are 12 Monkeys, Office Space, The War of the Roses, Shine

I may add more later but iPhone dying. If you have a comment go for it but don't be mean! imanonymousinalaska@yahoo.com

Ima Nonymous, Apr 29 2010

Wikipedia: Identification http://en.wikipedia...cation_(psychology)
After reading this link, it's not quite what I had in mind but sill relevant. [rcarty, Apr 30 2010]

Wikipedia: Identification http://en.wikipedia...cation_(literature)
I was thinking more along the lines of what is srittten here. [rcarty, Apr 30 2010]


       Welcome to the HalfBakery, [Ima]. Hope you enjoy reading and contributing.   

       Two things:   

       - Putting your titles in all caps is frowned upon. You might want to reformat it; if not, a helpful mod is likely to reformat it for you. [ETA: someone already edited it, in fact; don't know if it was you.]   

       - This has the bones of a useful idea, but as written it feels very like what's known as a 'let's all', which is also frowned upon. See the 'help' section (link should be in the sidebar to the elft, under 'meta') for some discussion of 'let's all' ideas and why they so rarely survive. Instead of saying 'try analyzing your dates based on their movie preferences', you could make this into an indubitable invention by packaging the concept in some sort of service: for example, you might suggest a website where people write about the personality of people they know, which concerned suitors could search by movie title to find out what other people who share movie preferences with their suitee are like.   

       However, the concept is intruiging, and I'm interested in hearing your ideas!
gisho, Apr 29 2010

       I would not put your email on here; this site gets picked up by Google often and the spambots will come knocking on your door.   

       Analyze this: the Three Stooges and the Red Violin.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2010

       I like this as a sort of expanded Briggs-Meyers.
bungston, Apr 30 2010

       I never watch films, I'm guessing 5 years since the last one I watched. What does this say about me?
pocmloc, Apr 30 2010

       Can we maybe have at least one capital in the title?
And maybe edit down the biog into something that looks like an idea?
BTW, what does Blazing Saddles and Bladerunner say about me?
coprocephalous, Apr 30 2010

       //I never watch films, I'm guessing 5 years since the last one I watched. What does this say about me?//...Short attention span? Recently visually impaired? Don't get asked out often?
jurist, Apr 30 2010

       I'm like pocmloc, but I do recall enjoying the movie-length last episode of M*A*S*H.
swimswim, Apr 30 2010

       You are well up on pocmloc, [swimswim]. M*A*S*H aired its final episode February 28, 1983, so that means you haven't watched a film in over 27 years. Was it a war-time accident? Or just really really horrible credit?
jurist, Apr 30 2010

       hah - Calamity Jane & Pulp Fiction might confuse some...
po, Apr 30 2010

       //If you have a comment go for it but don't be mean! //

Ah well, if you are going to take all the fun out of it then I'm not playing. Fishbone for gratuitous use of the name 'Bob'.
DrBob, Apr 30 2010

       What if my favorite movies are the Scarface and the Untouchables? (They are, and I'm rooting for the diametrically opposed protagonists in each)   

       I agree with gisho that form counts and you might have better luck presenting this as "Two Favorite Movie Quicky Psychoanalysis Method" or something. Just for future reference.   

       I'll throw you a biscut to pull you out of the bone-zone. (Plus it's pretty clever)   

       Welcome aboard.
doctorremulac3, Apr 30 2010

       Brazil and Life of Brian.   

       Yes, I am an engineer.   

       I'll get my coat....
Twizz, Apr 30 2010

       My top two movies are...waitaminute, you almost got me there. No you don't girly. The inkblot napkins were a dead give away.   

       You seem to believe that a guy would really tell you what his favorite movie is.
zeno, May 01 2010

       [zeno] //You seem to believe that a guy would really tell you what his favorite movie is.//
The psychiatrist's stock answer is "You reveal as much about yourself by the lies you choose to tell as by the truths." As, indeed, by which truths you refuse to disclose.
mouseposture, May 01 2010

       I never ever lie.
pocmloc, May 01 2010

       And he's hardly ever sick at sea.
mouseposture, May 01 2010

       <HMS Pinafore chorus> What, never? </HMSPc>
csea, May 02 2010

       Don't confuse "He likes X, so he's a sociopath" with "He's a sociopath, so he likes X".   

       Also consider "He's a vegetarian and likes cats, so he's Hitler".
marklar, May 02 2010

       can't think of a favorite offhand, but I liked both Bladerunner and Harry Potter.   

       Of course I like Bladerunner for the soundtrack (Vangelis on analog synths as orchestral), and HP because it was a pretty good treatment of a fantasy book series (which storylines are good but not too remarkable), noting that the author was available on set (and probably cowrote the script).   

       Despite being a geek/nerd/whatever I haven't seen all the Star Warses (too campy for my tastes).   

       And I'm afraid the tell you're looking for ("I've seen <x> 134 times !!!!!") is missing... which I suppose is a datum in itself.   

       So.... what's your dateometer say 'bout that ?
FlyingToaster, May 02 2010

       I use this method. Any gal who lists "Pretty Woman" in her top [x] - and boy there are a lot of them - is off the list. I mean seriously, is there a more misogynistic movie extant, outside the porn aisle?   

       Ditto "Titanic", "The Notebook". Sorry, I've had my fill of clingy soppy starry-eyed romantic codependents for this lifetime. Next.   

       //12 Monkeys, Office Space, The War of the Roses, Shine //
So, are you busy Saturday?
BunsenHoneydew, May 02 2010

       I think this system is too easy to game, and the sociopaths will be the first to learn how to game it.   

       What you need is some kind of triangulation.
pertinax, May 03 2010

       So long as the sociopaths don't learn trigonometry.
swimswim, May 03 2010

       MikeD => V for Vendetta & Inglorious Basterds   

       Mrs. MikeD => Saving Private Ryan & Snatch   

       My advice for anyone attempting this match-up:   

       Bring a cup.   

       <You had me at Star Wars, [21].>
MikeD, May 03 2010


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