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AID4IAD internet addiction disorder

Software to help addicted web users
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The Aid4IAD monitors your PC.

There are several indications that something is wrong: (a) If you are active for more than 12 hours without stopping. (b) if you are on websites like halfbakery for hours on end and other similar indications.

The software begins with moderate measures increasing the severity with time: It first issues warnings. First on- screen then via email. If ignored or activity continues, the software takes over the screen, giving you the feeling that you are still interactive, but slowly ruins your experience, by finding fake boring results in your web searches, giving you bones on your hb ideas, or just showing all kinds of stupid unrecoverable errors until you leave the computer and go out for a short walk. It won't let you back in, till you bring positive proof that you were outside. You then must sleep for a few hours and meet with real people.

pashute, Jul 26 2011


       // if you are on websites like halfbakery for hours on end //   

       Naturally, exceptions will be made for those recovering from traumatic injuries and have all kinds of free time on their hands.
Alterother, Jul 26 2011

       Perhaps it should administer shocks - I hear that electro-stimulus speeds healing :-)   

       This is a great time to work on your venison recipes.
normzone, Jul 26 2011

       Yes, I've been considering how to roast flank steak using a welding machine...
Alterother, Jul 26 2011


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