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Alzheimer's prevention lithium depot injection

some studies show that 300 mcg of lithium daily prevents alzheimers. Make a lithium palmitate depot injection so an annual "immunization" prevents alzheimers
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Research suggests that 300 mcg of lithium daily prevents alzhemier's [link] While more research would be highly beneficial, if this is true then an annual injection of about 100 mg lithium,or a few grams of lithium palmitate (lithium oil, kind of) would prevent alzheimer's.

Although the amount of lithium is vastly less than used psychiatrically, the referenced research is just two papers from the same author and one drosophila paper.

beanangel, Jun 26 2017

oral microdoses (300 micrograms) of lithium prevent Alzhemier's disease http://www.lifeexte...rBrainAging/Page-01
[beanangel, Jun 26 2017]

Uh-oh just 100 grams of milk has 750 micrograms of lithium http://www.collecti...thiumRichFoods.html
[beanangel, Jun 26 2017]


       So, you're ingenious invention is "Some research says lithium might prevent Alzheimer's, so give it to people"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2017

       [mb] The main difference is lithium palmitate, lithium linked to a lipid to make an IM blob last all year.   

       However, I really really really feel the research needs more work. I read online that 100 grams of milk contains about 750 micrograms of lithium, and if a glass of milk cured Alzheimer's I perceive someone would have noticed.   

       There is a slight chance it could be a bioavailability thing, suggesting that lithium palmitate might not be optimal.
beanangel, Jun 26 2017

       Fix that circuit board with a screwdriver.   

       Take a volume, at neuron scale, and look at the complexity of the goings on of the various molecules. A constant feed of lithium sounds a bit simple to me. I imagine patterns of concentration are needed to be a real fix without stuffing anything else up.
wjt, Jun 27 2017


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