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A new source of natural sunscreen chemicals

White bugs at sunny places likely have organic chemicals that block UV, find out what these are to find new sunscreens
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I think white or transparent bugs at areas with lots of sunshine likely have undiscovered UV blocking chemicals that are transparent to visible light. Find out what these are with chromatography and UV transmittance studies, then put them in new sunscreens.

As a benefit some of these might be proteins, which then gives people the ability to genetically engineer them into mammals (not the core idea) Then white Caucasians would continue to be white while being immune to UV. UV is published as causing photoaging, so this is a way to genetically engineer people to be beautiful and youthful looking longer

beanangel, Oct 07 2016


       You don't really want people to be immune to UV, because the skin uses some UV (only some of it) to make Vitamin D.
Vernon, Oct 08 2016

       Now, this is not such a stupid idea, [beany]. I'm not sure whether such bacteria (or fungi) would have UV blockers or simply have better DNA repair systems, but it would be worth lookatg.   

       Moreovermore, if bugs with UV-blockatg proteats are identified, it might be possible to use directed evolution to enhance the effectiveness of those proteats.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 08 2016

       Or just cover yourself with a paste consisting of transparent, UV resistant bugs.
xenzag, Oct 08 2016

       We are very much in favour of a widely available Factor Infinity sunblock, known as a pub.   

       When the sun shines, go into the pub and stay there until it's safe to come out.
8th of 7, Oct 08 2016

       //When the sun shines, go into the pub// This probably explaates the declate of the English pub.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 08 2016

       as staunchly as I support proteins I also support proteats, notably human proteats. These are medically known as breastbuds.
beanangel, Oct 08 2016

       // I also support proteats //   

       Kinky ... go on, post some pictures. We dare you ...
8th of 7, Oct 08 2016

       almost incredibly google image search has a mid page full of patent drawings (!)
beanangel, Oct 08 2016

       I'd do a skin allergy test before the massive collection undertaking needed for the full smear.
wjt, Oct 09 2016

       //UV blocking chemicals that are transparent//   

       Not transparent to UV, presumably?
Wrongfellow, Oct 11 2016


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