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A Clockwork Buffet

Grind buffet, pour on amusement park ride.
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An orrery-themed restaurant. The central pieces are the buffet tables, and the patrons sit at booths enclosed in large versions of the amusement park classic, the Teacup, orbiting around the buffet tables, from which you are expected to grab what you need as you pass, in a constantly-changing elliptical orbit. Every few seconds, minutes, or other intervals depending on which booth you sit at, your booth passes by a different section of the buffet, sometimes passing by other buffets in nerve-wracking near-misses with other orbit systems.
21 Quest, Feb 21 2010

Clockwork definition http://www.merriam-...ictionary/clockwork
[21 Quest, Aug 01 2010]


       Two words: no, twice.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2010

       I actually quite like this as a concept. Might have been best saved until the whole orrery thing had faded though.

       I'll bun it seeing as you kindly kept the word orrery out of the title (only to pounce once we were in the body of the idea).
wagster, Feb 21 2010

       Makes me nauseous. (You can take your pick about which one I am referring to.)
blissmiss, Feb 21 2010

       Orrery Sushi - a sushi bar in which, rather than by traditional conveyor belt, your food is delivered to you by means of a complex series of recursively rotating gears and wheels.
zen_tom, Feb 22 2010

       // I think you mean "A Hand Crank Generator Buffet" — Clockwork Monkey, Jul 31 2010//

       No... it's not cranked by hand, idiot. Yours was. As I've already informed you in your own post, the term "clockwork" does not work as a euphemism for "wound by hand", because clocks are powered by a variety of sources, including mains, battery, solar, and potato. Now you're just being spiteful.
21 Quest, Aug 01 2010

       [21Q], you are becoming increasingly obsessed with pedantry, sophistry and tiny picky quibbling little details.

       May The Force Be With You ... Always.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2010


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