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All you should eat Buffet

You get the price and the quantity and variety it says on your card.
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You get the price and the quantity and variety of food that is stated on your card.

A Standard All You Can Restaurant that works differently for each patron depending on the card they present.

Card One or Cardless: Just like any all you can eat place as many trips and drinks as you desire. And a big price.

Card Two: Pay by the weight so much per ounce. A waiter may make up and bring the plate to you. Or you choose and take it to a weigh station. A target based on your sex, weight, and activity level might be suggested.

Card Three: Only vegan items allowed. No Meat as they define it.

Card Four: Only Adkins style plate allowed

Card Five: Various Religious, like Kosher, restrictions

Card Six: A diet based on your doctor's, your dietitian's, or Aunt Maude's advice.

Card Seven: Latest diet fads

Card Eight: Test Kitchen makes up plate, and you have to stay after school and fill out a survey form on the items you ate. Reduced fee or next time coupon.

Card Nine: The homeless plate The kitchen's mistakes, burns, overstocks etc. at a cheap or free price. Likely to go and from the side door in a stained paper bag

Cards Ten through Twenty: As market demands. Maybe an Only CARBS card for those wanting to eat at home and just go out for dessert.

The use of a card operated gate(s) might be needed to keep people from scamming the system.

popbottle, Apr 07 2015


       solution in search of a problem [-]
Voice, Apr 07 2015

       This would be a boon to the struggling card-making industry.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2015

       //A waiter may make up and bring the plate to you// an innovative suggestion, but I can't imagine it catching on.
pocmloc, Apr 08 2015


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