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Plate Stickers

What the heck am I eating?
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To avoid the whole "Hey, you've gotta try this chicken stuff." "Which chicken stuff?" "Um....either the peanut or the General Tso's, I don't know . One of them's good, the other one sucks". "Well I don't want to get the crappy one! Which one's the good one?" "I don't know! Bug off" sydrome. Simply provide labled stickers at chinese buffets so customers can identify the foods choosen even after coming back to their tables. The stickers would of course have to be easily dissovable in water so the stickers of past customers aren't still stuck on plates....
Graciem, May 05 2002


       Especially effective in that the diner would have to eat the food to uncover the sticker. At least they'd know what it _was_ that they ate.
bristolz, May 05 2002

       Get extra long telescoping chopsticks and swipe the goods right off your companion's plate.
spartanica, May 05 2002

       How do you pronounce "pronunce"?
waugsqueke, May 08 2002

       Rhymes with 'dunce'.
dbmag9, Jul 13 2006


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