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Wire-Fu Buffet

Fly to the food!!!
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I got this idea after reading [mrkillboy]'s Wire-Fu Wedding. The idea is to harness up at the door and get pulled to the ceiling. The wire system is quite complex, never interfering with the other wires. Flat boards, suspended by strong metal poles, will be on the ceiling. You put your food on the flat part and bungee down for more. All the plates have covers, so the food doesn't fly all over the place (sort of hard to bring up soup uncovered), and they are all made of a very strong plastic, to hold up to falls. The roof is multi-tiered, to allow the maximum amount of customers to enjoy the buffet. Plus, as no customers are sitting at tables on the ground, the extra space cound be used for more food or possibly features like the ones created by my fellow bakers. If some person happens to take all of 1 kind of food that you want (like the fried rice), you can fight him/her in a no-holds barred wire-fu battle (no weapons, or we charge you extra).
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 28 2007

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Wire-Fu theatre like you've never experienced it before! [theleopard, Sep 28 2007]

Ninja Restaurant Ninja_20Restaurant
For those who don't like buffets. [Shadow Phoenix, Oct 21 2007]


       And some angry hungry pigs on the floor!
xipetotec, Sep 28 2007

       yes, i am 101 percent sure i don't wish to partake of food that has sat directly beneath a restaurant full of diners. you, apparently, are unacquainted with their ability to drop food, kleenex, hair, skin cells, and forks. love the concept, hate the application.
k_sra, Sep 28 2007

       [k_sra], the food is covered, but have automatic sliding windows that open when you purposely tap the window at the sides (it doesn't work when hit by projectiles). You dangle 1 inch above the window, Mission Impossible style, fill the custom plate, and get out. Dropping stuff isn't a variable because the patrons and staff all wear zentai suits with holes for the mouth and eyes. Possesions are prohibited, as are sick people. If someone REALLY wants to bring a cellphone/teddy bear/whatever, it is attached to the owner's harness. All cutlery/condiments/other accessories are likewise attached to the table. And, if someone manages to somehow drop something else, our flying staff will clean it up or catch it before it hits anything or anyone. P.S, No foodfights unless you rented out the place.
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007


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