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A Cursory Glance

Directional Baseball cap
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I was watching a little bit of Wimbledon last night, the left/right swivelling heads of the spectators having long been a source of amusement for me. Golf provides a variation of the same theme as many heads point skywards following the trajectory of the ball in flight.

The problem with this is that it's just not dramatic enough. What is clearly needed is a device which emphasises the gesture while drawing more attention to the actual line of sight. The Cursory Glance Baseball Cap solves this problem.

Just like the baseball cap itself it is available in a variety of styles, and sizes. Shown here is the mid-range standard.

Next time that hard to spot ball is in the air, simply follow the direction of those cursors.

Other baseball caps are under construction.

xenzag, Jul 09 2006

A Cursory Glance https://sodabred.tu...a-halfbaked-idea-by
A Cursory Glance [xenzag, Jul 09 2006, last modified Nov 04 2018]


       Bun, just for the picture. Hilarious.
dbmag9, Jul 09 2006

       what of people who wear their hats in different directions?
tcarson, Jul 09 2006

       You could put someone’s eye out with that thing.   

       //what of people who wear their hats in different directions?// - they get a spank, and have to go to Hat School for re- education.
xenzag, Jul 09 2006

       Apologies for churning up an old idea, but this proves that all of my picasaweb links no longer work because googlefuck knows better than their users. I will welcome any simple viable alternatives that my patient friends here may suggest.
xenzag, Oct 14 2016

       // simple viable alternatives //   

       Drone-launched missile strikes ?
8th of 7, Oct 14 2016

       I always think that the only reasonably stable way to host things online is to build your own website and link to that.   

       Another option would be if [jutta] were feeling magnanimous and created a picture-hosting adjunct site, so that images could be uploaded by users from the Halfbakery itself, and viewed therefrom. However, that would involve considerable time and resources, and may be undesirable for other reasons.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2016

       // build your own website and link to that //   

       It's cheaper to hack into a major ISP and host your stuff there.   

       // may be undesirable for other reasons. //   

       Indeed - the hb might become a clearing house for jihadi propaganda ...
8th of 7, Oct 14 2016

       Just another illustration transfer to Tumblr.
xenzag, Nov 03 2018

       That November 3rd illustration link just goes to a tumblr login page for me [xenzag].   

       ETA: yes, fixed now Nov 4th, thanks
caspian, Nov 04 2018

       Aghhhhhh I'll take a look. Thanks for letting me know. Think that's it fixed.
xenzag, Nov 04 2018

       I vaguely remember "spot the ball" competitions where you'd guess where the ball was supposed to be based on the players heads, or something. I wonder if it would be possible to train a neural network to track ball position based solely on video of the audience - and if so, how accurately.
Loris, Nov 05 2018


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