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Emoticon Hat

Ball-cap with multiple hook and loop emoticons
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Some days I feel like telling everyone I encounter to piss off. On days like these, some damned ray of sunshine, oblivious to my scowling facial expression, will attempt to engage me in a conversation rife with small talk and trite clichés of the bright and cheery nature.

Other days, I'm feeling extremely cheerful and optimistic and I don't want to hear some cheerless malcontent drone on about the perceived injustices he/she has suffered.

Since it is both tiresome and unnerving to others to walk about with a perpetual scowl or smile or other facial expression, I propose wearing an emoticon on a ball cap.

This could avoid such situations mentioned, thereby increasing the likely hood of remaining in the current emotional state, or avoiding other emotions such as frustration or that overwhelming urge to strangulate someone.

The ball cap would need only a square patch of loop pile sewn into the center where one could affix any one of many emoticon patches, thereby broadcasting your current emotional state to the world.

MikeD, Jan 19 2010

Yes No Maybe velcro cap, £37.70 http://www.yesnomay...ductColourCode=GRY#
Well, I guess urban street wear has its price. [jutta, Jan 19 2010]

Warmed slightly on competing site http://idealist.blinkr.net/emoticon-hat/
[MisterQED, Jan 19 2010]

Here is one for your car http://www.bikudo.c...or_car_ac_c005.html
[MisterQED, Jan 19 2010]

Finally, I knew this had to exist as a shirt http://www.gearfuse...ople-of-your-wrath/
[MisterQED, Jan 19 2010]


       People might try to upset you solely because they want to see if you change your emoticon patch ...
Aristotle, Jan 19 2010

       I'd be a little surprised if someone doesn't already do this with an array of LEDs or layers of EL wire on either a hat, a T-shirt, a small pendant or earrings.   

       With a small processor and some sensors you might be able to make it automatic. (+) I bet I could get this baked with only one post to NYResistors.   

       It would be funny of you winked and it went from :-) to ;-).   

       Remember to add a setting for [:+-].
MisterQED, Jan 19 2010

       I don't like it myself, but it seems commercially viable. Which is probably why something a lot like this exists and is being sold, see link.   

       Of course, if you're having a moment of consumer sanity, you could just buy a frickin' badge and stick it on your run-of-the-mill baseball cap.
jutta, Jan 19 2010

       //the likely hood// heh   

       I realize it's baked, but I'd like the idea even more if "emoticon" were replaced with "'happy face' or 'sad face.'" (I know it's not the same thing.)   

       Either way, you could mess with people's minds by wearing the happy hat and scowling at people (or vice versa, by which I mean wearing a happy person and scowling at hats).
bnip, Jan 20 2010

       Rather than allowing you to avoid social interaction, this is more likely to prompt questions like "Is that an emoticon on your hat?" and "Why are you wearing a baseball hat in the office?"
hippo, Jan 20 2010

skinflaps, Jan 20 2010


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