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Ass hat Angel hat

Wear your status with pride!
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This hat would be able to change shape between that of a donkey and that of an angel. It would have a web interface to allow people to go online and vote ass or angel, and change shape by the votes. Creativity needed to make a half assed angel look good.
Voice, Sep 25 2008


       the idea of linking a live linked web based approval rating with something visible to the public on the actual person, thats strangely gratifying.   

       particularly if used on politicians (which i suppose has this idea somewhat baked).
williamsmatt, Sep 25 2008

       Nevermind the obvious "how?"; I get the idea a lot of people would vote for ass just because they want to see a literal asshat.
Bukkakinator, Sep 25 2008

       There are many ways. A few moveable wire hoops inside a cloth hat with a small motor. A selectively inflatable set of balloons. A little robot.
Voice, Sep 25 2008

       I like it - especially for politicians and celebrities etc. Can the angel have a small croissant logo, and the donkey a small fishbone, just for old times sake?
MadnessInMyMethod, Sep 25 2008

       Can there be an Angel riding the Donkey?   

       (most religious thing I've said in a while, btw, or is it.... either way, I feel dumber for saying it)
quantum_flux, Sep 28 2008


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