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half thinking cap

I'm only half thinking
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When my mind kicks into *halfbaking* something different is happening inside my head. It defies explanation at this point, but it’s similar to an altered state of consciousness. Things fly at me from all angles. It’s like making a jello mold for an art display. This goes here, that goes there, that looks better this way, that’s terrible, that’s better...oops, maybe start again. That is the time that I’m really only half thinking, because there is something else going on.

Compare it to a Zen koan, where the idea is thinking me. I’d like to display the fact that I am halfbaking or really only half thinking, whether at home, at work, driving in my car, or wherever it may be. The reasons for this are that in the event I don’t answer a question, or I’m driving over the center line, or just have a funny half smile on my face, others will be aware that I am half thinking.

Enter the half thinking cap. It might look like a floppy, croissantty beret, made of a soft fabric that can be folded or rolled up while not in use. Because any fashionable thinking cap is not complete without a light bulb on the top, I was thinking something like an appliance bulb. Instead of a top-heavy bulb, maybe even a night light size would be more appropriate, or small Christmas lights around the edges. I think this would have to be a personal choice of the wearer, so the hat would come with several options. Inside the band that secures the hat to one’s head is a heat-activated switch. After the hat has been worn for a certain length of time, the heat from one’s head will activate the switch and the light, or lights will go on. Eureka! Now, all will know that you are only half thinking. (At this point, you cannot be held responsible for certain things because you have announced to the world that you are only half thinking.)

xandram, Jul 24 2006


       Can you draw, [xandram]?
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       I can draw a bit. I really do collage art, but I'm not up on posting pictures for the internet, yet. I've tried web pages that come with my email, but I can't get a single picture to work. Please use your imagination for now. Thanks.
xandram, Jul 24 2006

       Ok. If you ever get around to sketching, there are plenty here (me included) who will help you host them.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       wait till he gets here!
po, Jul 24 2006

       [wagster] Thank you so much. Soon I will be having a lot of free time, as my place of employment is closing and we are all losing our jobs. If you want to email sometime I'll start sketching real soon.   

       Thanks again!
xandram, Jul 24 2006

       Just on my way, [po]. <waves>   

       Hope your job is crap, [xandram]. That way it's a good thing if you don't have it any more.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       I'm just a secretary, so I can find another job, but one that lets me play on the halfbakery all day might be hard to find.
xandram, Jul 24 2006

       Do you set aside time for half-thinking? I generally phase out whatever is going on around me without even realising until I surface from the reverie - not sure I would have the time to don a half-hat.   

       I was expecting some kind of wondrous brain monitoring cap - or atleast something to check the focus of the wearer's eyes.
fridge duck, Jul 24 2006

       I do not set aside the time to halfbake, it just happens. I'm sorry this didn't meet your expectations, but I did not want to invent something *magical*, which is really what halfbaking is to me. [fridge] Feel free to add any attachments you might need.
xandram, Jul 24 2006

       //not sure I would have the time to don a half-hat.//
...in that case you should wear it at all times, [fridge].
moomintroll, Jul 24 2006

       I'd like to think I would look pretty dapper in "a floppy, croissantty beret"
fridge duck, Jul 24 2006

       Sadly, that "I really hope Bris illustrates this" feeling has gone. I think I know how it might look had she done so.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       [xandram]- I have been unemployed for six months and counting now. It's great waking up whenever and not knowing what day of the week it is or even what month. Enjoy the impromptu vacation until the money runs out.   

       [TAO] I plan to -besides going for some more computer training. I can't wait to sleep past 5 am!
xandram, Jul 25 2006

       A floppy beretty croissant is what I had for my breakfast this morning - and I would have gladly traded it in for a hat.   

       Halfthinking - I love it - I'll take a dozen. A beret is of course the natural style-de-chapeau, a croissanty one, doubly so. Berhaps with little gauze window-areas that, during daylight hours are indistinguisable from the rest of the hat, but which, upon application of a good hour's halfthinking, are illuminated from within using a tightly clustered array of Fairy-lights, revealing a complex network of canals and pathways, reminiscent of a brain going totally ape.
zen_tom, Jul 25 2006

       hmmm, rather nice [zen_tom] I was afraid to get too visionary, but your idea is wonderful.
xandram, Jul 25 2006

       thanks [jutta] I've just seen all these links and was wondering what I actually said to bring this on... I didn't say the hat *is* a croissant, just floppy like croissanty...   

       maybe one should wear the charms around one's neck to remember who they are?
xandram, Sep 21 2006

       Oh no that's great. I just thought you went on a rant because of something I said. I actually was impressed that you went through all that trouble...makes my idea look more impressive.
xandram, Sep 22 2006

       Continuity, schmontinuity.
jutta, Sep 23 2006


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