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Acetone Gel face treatment

Close your eyes!
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Acetone gel is formulated with a polymer gel. It is warmed in the microwave and then applied to greasy places. Grease, sebum, and other cloggage is dissolved with warm solvent and migrates into the gel layer, which is then peeled off and discarded.
bungston, Nov 18 2014

Degreaser dip Degreaser_20dip
Ah, callow youth. But I have had enough experience to note that WcW is wrong. Dilute acetone solutions are sweeter than vodka and not bad at all. [bungston, Nov 18 2014]


       // applied to greasy places //   

       What, like fish and chip shops ?   

       This sounds like a cosmetic version of napalm, so [+].
8th of 7, Nov 22 2014

       You don't want to get the stuff near your eyes as it causes cataracts. I think people using this might go blind quite soon.
nineteenthly, Nov 22 2014


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