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Additive GUIs

Generate GUI Trees with simple predicates
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I'm working on this idea for real. I have a demonstration mail client as an additive GUI.

You generate a GUI from simple predicates using propositions such as leftOf, rightOf, above, inside and the system generates a rendering tree (such as HTML)

startMenuIcon inside startMenuButton

startMenuLabel inside startMenuButton

startMenuLabel rightOf startMenuIcon

startMenuButton leftOf programArea

startMenu is hidden

startMenuButton toggles startMenu

startMenu above startMenuButton

here's a mail client as an additive gui as a link

chronological, Mar 05 2020

Mail client JSON https://github.com/...les/mailClient.json
[chronological, Mar 05 2020]

Project Homepage (Github) https://github.com/...quire/additive-guis
Github URL of the project homepage [chronological, Mar 05 2020]

Inequality problem https://github.com/...EQUALITY-PROBLEM.md
This software solves problems of this kind [chronological, Mar 06 2020]

Inequality solver library https://github.com/...e/inequality-solver
Same code used by additive guis [chronological, Jun 30 2020]


       Scrollbar transcends X-Y plane   

       Overlay redescribes context   

       Radiogroup punctuates workflow   

       Button pushes envelope   

pertinax, Mar 05 2020

       Writing a programming language? That's a dark and dangerous path you're on...
Voice, Mar 05 2020

       Voice it's not a programming language per se. It's a string interpreter right now. It solves inequality problems.
chronological, Mar 06 2020

       Oh. Well, in that case ...   

       Form occludes function
pertinax, Mar 06 2020

       I've managed to get the code to be mostly commutative. Hooray!
chronological, Mar 06 2020

       Mostly could be a very powerful programming function. Although it will need an implementation of tidying functions and an increase in garbage collection.
wjt, Mar 06 2020

       Just give me an Android style screen with three tabs and a settings icon in the corner.
-Is each one of the tabs a separate page or are the tabs only scrolling part of the page away and another stays always seen?

       What are you asking?
- I'm asking if you want 3 pages, with each tab taking you to a separate page.

- OK what would you call each of the pages.

       I want to decide that later.
- OK so what should the title of the app be, and do you want it to show on the top of each page?

       ... after a few minutes and a good looking app already there: Can you describe the logo you want?
pashute, Jun 29 2020

       Every time I see this I read it as "Addictive GUI". trying to imagine how that works...
pocmloc, Jun 30 2020

       Who keeps bumping my ideas? I thank you.   

       pashute, for a three tabbed Android app, the rules would look like this:   

       tabs is TabbedBar   

       tabs contains Tab1   

       tabs contains Tab2   

       tabs contains Tab3   

       Tab1 is 1st   

       Tab2 is 2nd   

       Tab3 is 3rd   

       SettingsIcon above tabs   

       SettingsIcon is button   

       SettingsIcon is rightAligned
chronological, Jun 30 2020


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