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Procreate Sound Effects

generate the corresponding sounds of drawing as you use an app
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Some felt tip pens make characteristic squeaking sounds when being used on certain types of paper. These sounds, along with many others are enjoyed by many artists and designers.

Given the ability for apps like Procreate to imitate the visual effects of most drawing instruments, including felt tips, many illustrators have taken to using an iPad combined with the app to generate their work. There are numerous advantages, but the haptic feedback of a pen dragging along textured or smooth paper is gone, along with all the resulting sounds of course.

Some of this is now restored when you install Procreate Sound Effects, which replicates the sound as close as possible to the original instrument reacting to the chosen surface.

Now when you are mixing colours, you can hear the pallete knife swishing the thick pigment around on the glass surface; the blade cutting through paper as you slice up images; and of course the subtle squeaking of felt tip pens creating an illustration.

It can even do 'nails on a blackboard' and other diabolical noises for those who like that sort of sound, or want to use it to torture others.

xenzag, Jul 19 2020


       Me too. That was a whole different rabbit hole we were about to embark on, me thinks.
blissmiss, Jul 19 2020

FlyingToaster, Jul 20 2020

       Hello - support desk?   

       I have a complaint - I was hoping that the motion of my virtual paint roller over my favourite virtual graffiti wall would produce the distinctive sound of rabbits making baby rabbits - but in fact, the sound produced was nothing but "Generic very faint rustling noise #4" from a well known open-source library of sound effects.   

pertinax, Jul 20 2020

       Okay. (+)   

       Didn't peg this posting as yours from the title.
Have you started saving for a visit?

       If I have to go all the way over there things will get really weird. like too weird.   

       Best just to save for the trip over here. I'll put you up.   

       Did they really call it Procreate? Yeesh...
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2020


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