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Fading Tick-mark

Fin-grained untuitive information.
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In an attempt to get regain some perspective on an increasingly insane world, I'm rewatching episodes of The West Wing, streaming to my TV via my generic fruit-based set-top box.

It struck me that it would be useful if there were some way of knowing which episodes I have seen and I've yet to watch. Netflix does this, but only with the binary ticked or not ticked -- something that is not very useful for a series that I watch and rewatch.

What I am thinking of is something a little more fine- grained. Say a tick that is bright white against an episode that I have just watched, fading by day, week, month, to a dim grey for something that I haven't seen in over a year.

st3f, Feb 19 2017


       // but with age, the ticks could recede into the distance. //   

       They had, but now Blair has reappeared, spouting his usual witless garbage about opposing Brexit.   

       Oh, sorry, thought you said "dicks" .... him and Brown both.
8th of 7, Feb 19 2017


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