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Learning GUI

GUI that removes unused buttons
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Now, I'm going to illustrate this idea with a specific example, Excel. I use Excel, but it has many features multiplied by numerous ways of doing each. I change zoom by holding down Ctrl & scrolling the mouse wheel, the way any sane person would. I have NEVER (intentionally) used the little slider down on the bottom right, nor (just in case I couldn't use a slider) used the "+" and "-" buttons either side of it.

Why is the slider still there? Can the program not have a natural selection algorithm? One that slowly decreases the visibility of features unless they're used... then eventually disappears them. Once that's gone, you can move the page view thing somewhere else, and get rid of that meaningless "Ready" in the bottom left... boom! the page just got one cell bigger.

All the features should, however, be retained. Perhaps an "As New" button in case anyone else needs to use it.

bs0u0155, Dec 17 2013


       {but [neutral] link evaporates }
Dub, Dec 17 2013

       if I had the resolution and the screen size that would be a viable option, however the boss prefers spending money on (research-grade) viruses than IT.
bs0u0155, Dec 19 2013

       I like the concept, but how are we to discover new and useful commands without resetting to "as new"?
the porpoise, Dec 19 2013

       The "as new" feature is switchable, either for guest users or feature exploration
bs0u0155, Dec 19 2013

       Maybe highly evolved users could make their settings available: I could click "as bs0u0155".
bungston, Dec 21 2013

       My version of Excel would be highly optimized for turning grant money into graphs using small volumes of salty water.
bs0u0155, Dec 21 2013

       Instead of a mysterious (and likely capricious) algorithm, an 'edit interface' command that made interface element go away or reappear explicitly would be better. Like the editable toolbars in MS Office, but more widely applicable to the UI.   

       Or a voice / pointer interface... "Siri, take this widget away" (while circling the widget.)
sonam, Dec 22 2013


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