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iWatchband photo input device

iWatch projects some buttons on the outer wrist surface and you can press them
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Someone has an iWatch, so the watchband on the outer wrist side could beam a little group of buttons onto the wrist skin (similar to project on any surface keyboards you might have already seen)

A camera in the wristband can tell what button is pressed.

There could just be a few buttons rather than a keyboad. The advantage is about twice the input area compared with an iWatch.

beanangel, Jan 19 2018

some images of projection keyboards https://www.google....projection+keyboard
[beanangel, Jan 19 2018]


       There was a company that tried to get crowdfunding to do something like this - their watch was meant to project onto the back of the hand. Never got off the ground, because projecting an image onto an irregular and moveable surface at a very shallow angle doesn't work well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2018

       Human skin doesn't make a very good projection screen, anyway. Even "white" people's skin is nowhere near white.
Wrongfellow, Jan 19 2018

       The miniature hills and valleys of the wrist could make this one not work. I think green lasers are always green though. Weirdly, with enough computing you could adjust the emitted LED color blend to look right on any individuals skin.
beanangel, Jan 19 2018


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