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Air-con shoes

Keep your feet cool...
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...with ventilated shoes. Similar to 'refridgerated undershirt' but much simpler. And just for shoes. Pump cool air into key areas of the shoe with a small hollow rubber insert in the sole, obviously compressed with each step. There would be an intake tube (relatively high on the shoe to prevent puddle sucking) with a one-way valve and another tube system to circulate the air around the shoe.
timo, Jul 19 2002

Looks like these guys patented them http://www.esbri.se/omesbrie.asp
Or something. [DrCurry, Jul 19 2002]

...and these guys make 'em http://www.timesvoi...rer/HUNe_Man_01.htm
[Scroll down a bit]
If they'e not talking about sandals. [DrCurry, Jul 19 2002]


       Sounds good. You'd have to do some work to avoid the pump and tubing making that 'phoot phoot phoot' noise that you get when pumping up an air mattress, though.
st3f, Jul 19 2002

       Or just wear sandals. (Although I am grateful you did not suggest using piezoelectricity to power the A/C.)
DrCurry, Jul 19 2002

       ..or static generated from walking on carpet..
Mr Burns, Jul 19 2002

       DrCurry: Yes, I agree (not about the sandals), appropriate technology (and the KISS acronym) is the key to success.   

       Sandals are an option, but then again why have light bulbs if candles are 'ok'? Besides, just because it's cold outside doesn't mean your feet don't get hot eg shoes good for all weather, sandals are not (for a wimp like me, anyway).
timo, Jul 19 2002

       compress a liqid to run the propelor wilbe silent.
postseti, Jul 19 2002

       I hate sandals. Dirt from the outside sticks to my sweaty feet and turns them blackish. The main reason that I wear them is for ease of wearing, though. I've tried loafer types, but then my feet get too sweaty from lack of ventilation. Thus this idea fixes the issue. One sweaty croissant.
polartomato, Jul 20 2002


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