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Automatic Draught Excluders

Clothes that keep out the draughts
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Imagine sitting in some comfortable place (a pub for example) but there is an uncomfortable draught from which you can't escape. Normally you might ignore this, complain about the draught, or shiver in silence. Possibly move but that would devalue the idea. Okay, the place is really full and there is nowhere else to go. Imagine if, at the touch of a button (lol), you could have brushed cotton coated draughts excluders that inflate around the ankle (not too tight) and keep out the draught but are not visible from the outside. Trousers that are elasticated round the ankle sometimes look a bit silly, so you can be fashionable and warm - a thing which is not often accomplished. This idea could also be put into sleeves and the coating of the Automatic Draught excluders could also be tailored to any desired finish (satin or wool) and possibly have small and gentle heaters inside.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001


       A fine idea. Doable, light-hearted, and born of necessity. I expect to read it in one of those books about Japanese inventions.   

       Although there is another way to get around the problem of drafts: wear warm clothes. Fashion? Pfft. I have discovered a way around that. Just do what I tell you and you'll never have to worry about fashion again. Listening?   

       Here's what you do... Go to University. Get a whole bunch of degrees. Excel in something and get a research position at one of the colleges. Become an eccentric academic and you can wear whatever you damn well please. You could get away with wearing *only* "Draught Excluders".   

       I became interested in Socialist Economics because of the cool duds worn by my mentors whom I try to emulate; Marx and Lenin's writings are a bonus! Is there a point to all of this? Yes. Girls don't make passes at guys who have pointy beards and small round glasses.
sdm, Sep 18 2001

       Excluding draught from the brewing process would solve the problem completely as there would be no need to sit in a draughty pub in the first place. Wearing draught excluders takes no intelligence and hardly any time at all. Having seen Open University programs I can never let myself get like that even for the sake of warmth.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001

       [sdm] You could use the draught excluders to pump up your biceps a bit. Maybe that would draw some female attention that way.
phoenix, Sep 18 2001

       Or wear them in your boxers.

Good idea, by the way, Miss W. The only thing is that it set me to thinking of Peter Sellars desperately trying to re-inflate his parrot in one of the Pink Panther films.

"Is there anyone out there, in the dark?"
DrBob, Sep 18 2001


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