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Like an electric blanket... only more useful!
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Yeah, it's all nice and warm until you go outside. Then the chilled winds smack you in the face, and even though you have a coat on, it takes forever for your body heat to warm it up! Plus if you have a crappy car, you're driving in the blistery cold forever, and the heat doesn't come on until you get to your destination.

That's where the battery-operated electric coat comes in! Put it on, turn it on, and in mere minutes you're as warm as can be!

glass, Aug 19 2001

Heated clothing http://www.gerbing.com/
One of many. [angel, Aug 19 2001]

The opposite suggestion... http://www.halfbake...erated_20Undershirt
...also baked. [angel, Aug 19 2001]


       Definitely Bakeable, there`s a guy just down the road from me who make electric underwear. (I kid you not)
I'm not sure if he makes heated coats, but everyone remembers his heated underwear.
Little_Crow, Aug 19 2001

       //there's a guy just down the road from me who make electric underwear. * //   

       * Not recommended for individuals with less than perfect bladder control.
PotatoStew, Aug 20 2001

       I would suggest the batteries be solar re-chargeable,store energy on sunny days, (leave coat on back seat of car) and burn energy on the gloomy days. Or, could the batteries be rigged to re-charge using the energy expended in walking?
Onalee, Aug 20 2001


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