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cool undies

hoT nuTs no more
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TesTicles are designed To keep your sperm aT a TemperaTure slighTly lower Than your body TemperaTure. underwear boTTles up ThaT heaT and you geT uncomforTable.

why noT make maTerial ThaT changes according To TemperaTure. aT 90 or so degrees, iT could drop elasTiciTy and leT more air in. undies could be sewn TogeTher wiTh copper wire so The heaT may dissapaTe more efficienTly. or say shoes could be rigged wiTh bellows and a Tube run up To The hoT spoT and when your feeT move, you cool down.

i would imagine one would become more sexual if ones nuTs were kepT aT ideal TemperaTure. To bind ones nuTs wiTh undies ThaT ToasT ones nuTs is no longer needed.

perhaps heaTsink fins could be placed on The ouTside of ones undies and ThaT would help, or perforaTed undies, like in swimming Trunks.

Testy, Aug 23 2000


       Did you work at Wired magazine at one time or another?
koz, Aug 23 2000

       TesTy, he was no fool. One day while he played pockeT pool, He rigged up some wires to sToke up his fires, while keeping his TesTicles cool.   

       (missed a T)
Scott_D, Aug 24 2000, last modified Sep 07 2000

       A little off topic, but what's up with the T's? Is it some sort of compulsive disorder or something like that?
eagle, Sep 01 2000

       Maybe its not so off-topic, if Testy's toasty testes are somehow responsible.
Uncle Nutsy, Sep 07 2000

       How about underwear with a fan which automatically turns on when your balls get too hot?
nicckk, Sep 25 2000

       You go ahead, I'll watch from over here. -I- don't want any quick moving blades near dangly things, m'self...
StarChaser, Sep 26 2000

       Tested two toasty testes temps Tuesday Testy?
thumbwax, Sep 26 2000

       can't be arsed reading what you wrote, but giving my boys cooling fins is worth a [+]
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2008

       There is Definitely wrong with putting copper wire and undies in the same sentence. Sounds almost like a form of torture.
bewenched, Jan 12 2008

       I can'T read This. There's someThing Too disTracTing abouT iT.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 13 2008

       This is the dumbest affectation I've seen in a while.
nomocrow, Jan 16 2008


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