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Thermal Clothing

Utilising the Thermo-insulatory properties of Crispy Pancakes
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Anyone who has ever cooked a well-known brand of crispy pancakes can not have failed to be impressed by the, almost logic-defying, intensity of temperature achieved by the contents; be they cheese and ham, mince and onion, or some other similar, sludge-like matter. Has modern Science ever come across a material with such hyper-insulatory benefits as the breadcrumbed pancake coating of said product? I doubt it very much! Surely such a material would have untold benefits in the production of thermal clothing? The unusual texture would undoubtedly lead to a number of aesthetically pleasing variations on the theme. Another potential use is in wall-cladding for homes. In one fell-swoop the energy crisis could be abated, and fossil fuel reserves preserved for future generations.
edwardda, Oct 10 2002


       crispy <> pancake
crispy = tostada
phoenix, Oct 10 2002

       Nice idea - one super-heated croissant for you.   

       They say you shouldn't begin a sentence with "But", but, there is inherent danger in such a powerful concept. What if it ends up in the wrong hands? Do you want to have your skin burnt off by weapons that harness this potent technology, produced by a merciless dictator who's got Findus in his pocket?   

       Have you learned nothing from Pop Tarts?
sild, Oct 10 2002

       If this works, I'll eat my hat.
FarmerJohn, Oct 10 2002

       You are clearly a lunatic sir! Just think of the blistering in sensitive areas... Ouch!!
catman, Oct 10 2002

       It's bad enough now when my dog steals my socks .... if he could actually eat my clothing, the prospect is horrifying .....
8th of 7, Oct 10 2002

       What about potatoes? If there were only a hot potato suit, I'd be warm all day...
Mr Burns, Oct 10 2002

       Excellent thermal clothing exists already. Why waste good food and attract rats and flies to your body? If you want to be ecological, warm yourself around the fire that cooks your food, eat the food to provide your body with energy and natural insulation, and make your house underground.
rabbit, Oct 12 2002


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