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Climate Control Clothing

Self-adjusting insulation to make sure you stay comfy
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Using a thermostat a jacket of this type would decide whether you are too hot or too cold. Then it can either let air out or pump air in to air sacs sewn into the clothing so changing the insulating properties of jacket hence allowing the body to remain at a comfortable temperature.
Jack, Sep 15 2000

(?) gore-tex airvantage jackets http://www.gore-tex...=-1&productId=10187
not automatic but inflatable [jcomeau_ictx, Apr 22 2005]

wiggy knocks gore-tex product http://www.wiggys.c...egacy/jan-feb02.cfm
someone who says it cannot work, gives some reasons why [jcomeau_ictx, Apr 22 2005]

(?) former skeptic lauds gore-tex http://www.kayakaca...suitfaq.html#eleven
this guy says he didn't believe it either, and had problems with gore-tex first and second generation products, but they finally got it right [jcomeau_ictx, Jun 07 2005]

(?) Cool Suit http://www.spectorr..._Blower_System.html
Useful link for all the climate control clothing ideas [justaguy, Jun 07 2005]


       Shoot! Once again, I was hoping for something different; I thought you were suggesting clothing that regulated the climate external to your body...
absterge, Sep 15 2000

       It's a nice idea. But how would you make the garment cool you on a hot day?
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       Just saw this after posting the same idea (now deleted). I like it! Has anyone tried baking this yet? I don't even need it automatic, just with a tube for me to blow into when it gets cold. What kind of fabric would be breathable and still be able to hold air for a while? I'm thinking of some type of ripstop fabric as used in kite-sewing.
jcomeau_ictx, Apr 11 2005

       // But how would you make the garment cool you on a hot day? //   

       My inference is that it cannot, but who wears a jacket on a hot day?
Acme, Jun 07 2005

       See linky
justaguy, Jun 07 2005


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