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Motorcyclists can breathe fresh air
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I ride my motorcycle to work each day and I love it. One minor annoyance is the car exhaust when the traffic lights turn green. The cars accelerate and a large amount of toxins and crap accumulates in my helmet. Experienced cyclists know to hold their breath until they're in third gear. My idea is to have a tiny cannister of "fresh" air on the side of my helmet and somehow trigger it occasionally to fill my helmet with fresh air which will displace the polluted air. A small tube (like that in a fish-tank air pump) would move the air from the cannister into the helmet. The trigger could be a toxin sensor, an acceleration sensor, a microswitch detecting me squashing my jaws together or some people might like to have it constantly on. Ideally the cannister could be refilled at home with "fresh" air or automatically refill on the run when at higher speeds. Could be a market for scented air cannisters also.
goodie, Apr 03 2001


       Motorcyclists aren't the only ones who would like this. Us bicyclists would like it, and even when I'm driving a car, I occasionally end up behind some yahoo that hasn't had a tuneup in years, and is belching thick black smoke into the air.
mwburden, Apr 03 2001

       Would it be possible to put an air scoop on the helmet?
my-nep, Oct 25 2003

       //put an air scoop on the helmet// then the toxic gas will go in the scoop and replace the fresh air you need. Duh!
croissantz, Aug 13 2004

       After thinking about this, I thought of an idea that might be along this line.. Try one of these oxy-mix bottles that are being advertized with their own filling pump that separates and compresses the oxy-rich mix into the tank. All you have to do is place it back in the cradle for auto-refilling when you get home. It has a continuous 5-6 hour feed so it could last several days or a week of on-off use this way. Add this tank to your bike like a NOS tank (paint it the same color also for cool factor). Use your idea about a sensor (though it would have to be hyper sensitive) or just connect it to a control of sorts. run a line into the input draft holes. It could also be connected to a pressure switch which would allow the tank to infuse the fresh air when the forward pressure input dropped below .025 psi or so.... These systems are about the same price as a cool new motorcycle exhaust system and they are not too expensive to maintain. I'll watch to see if anyone else has an idea...
legamin, Mar 03 2005


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