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Bike Beauty Bugs

For that "I've been riding" look
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I just acquired a motorcycle - not by design, kind of fell into it.

It's a 1985 Honda Goldwing Interstate 1200. This machine is designed for long distances at a comfortable high speed.

I picked it up in Arizona and brought it home to San Diego. While I was cleaning it up, my neighbor introduced himself as the secretary of the local Goldwing Riders Association.

The recruiting effort began. It's apparent I would have to ride full time and give up all my other hobbies to be able to make this gentleman happy.

Enter the line of Bug-On products. Want to beg off that weekend ride and go scuba diving? Simply spray one of our designer bug packages onto the front of your bike, and plead that you already put on a thousand miles this week.

We tailor our products to both the region and the season, so you're never caught having to explain why you have monarch butterflies on your bike in the fall when you should have mayflies and gnats.

Bug-On...for that hardridden look.

normzone, Sep 28 2005

Here's one http://airlineworld...ivery_santa_hit.jpg
[FlyingToaster, May 12 2014]


       Hm. Perhaps you could take one of those insect vacuums, and reverse the flow?
DrCurry, Sep 28 2005

       That's "my brother" - otherwise it would mean something completely different.
DrCurry, Sep 29 2005

       A *real* biker would spray bugs on their teeth.
Shz, Sep 29 2005

       Sounds good to me.
bnip, Sep 14 2007

       Ah. After yesterday the front of the Guzzi is covered in little tiny gnats - looks like bug dust. Another can of this fine product not sold.
normzone, May 12 2014


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