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Automatically Adjustable Rake

A motorcycle that raises and lowers the handlebars automatically
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How about a motorcycle that automatically adjusts the profile of the rider by raising or lowering the handles, depending upon the speed it is going = the faster it goes, the lower the profile, and vice-versa. Sort of like how some Porsches have that retractable spoiler that comes out when you exceed a certain speed to give you better handling. The movable handles that lower the rider's profile make them more aerodynamic at high speeds.
Handsell, Sep 29 2013


       So, this isn't going to help me get the leaves off my lawn with any greater ergonomic efficiency. That might have been more topical to the season.
jurist, Sep 29 2013

       Yes, I thought this might be a rake that automatically opens and closes the gaps between the sweeping prongs according to the dimensions of that which it encounters.
xenzag, Sep 29 2013

       [+] cool... the forks should retract and the footrests rise as well: from hawg at rest to racer on the highway.
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2013

       Heaven help the rider who experiences a sensor failure or a software glitch in a turn.
normzone, Sep 29 2013

       I think those riders wanna be in an armpit-ventilating stretch at Vmax, so I doubt this would go over well unless you reverse it. Full Galileo X-man at 140kph, and I don't think you need anything to force the mouth open - the scream will be unpreventable.
lurch, Sep 29 2013

       I say make it move a little bit and charge lot more. Call it "active aero" or "speed sensitive rider dynamics". Less is more.
WcW, Sep 29 2013


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