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Air Bag Suit

Clothing with built in air bags, for old people
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I know this has been partially baked, especially for Motor cycle jackets.This Clothing has hundreds of small air bags unobtrusively sewn in, each one independently triggered.

The scenario is that if an elderly person "takes a tumble" only the airbags triggered by the contact activate, cushioning the impact, slightly larger air bags located along key points protect hips, wrists and elbows as these are generally the first point of contact during a fall.

Once the casualty has recovered, the "spent" airbags can be replaced, ready for the next situation.

Micky Dread, May 07 2003

AirBagz http://www.halfbake...m)_20for_20Clothing
Very close to this [sufc, Oct 17 2004]

far snazzier. http://halloweencos...com/images/1110.jpg
[oatcake, Oct 17 2004]

personal airbag http://www.halfbake...idea/PersonalAirbag
[sufc, Oct 17 2004]

Personal Retrorocket http://www.halfbake...onal_20Retrorockets
An alternative. [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

Airbag jackets and vests for motorcyclists http://www.hit-air.com
also horse riders vests at www.hit-air.com/horse [YGH, Oct 17 2004]

BBC: Japanese Personal airbag (+video clip) http://news.bbc.co....pacific/7633989.stm
Aimed at elderly, epileptics. [jutta, Sep 30 2008]


       I'm sure this was done a few weeks ago, even so an idea was posted 3 years ago that was very close to this. see links.
sufc, May 07 2003

       Do the airbags swell up in the summer, if the bags burst afterwards releasing a small burst of helium that the wearer sucks in, they could call for help in a munchin voice for comic relief...
Supercruiser, May 07 2003

       that could be hazardous, as it would cause any would-be hero passers-by to burst into laughter (rather than help)
benlevi7, May 07 2003

       Any way to work in the Custard Speed Bump concept with this?
Zimmy, May 07 2003

       I was going to post the "Bubble Boy" link again, but three times within 24 hours strains the bounds of friendship if not credulity.
jurist, May 08 2003

       "only the airbags triggered by the contact activate"   

       Steering wheel airbags would only worsen the situation if they didn't inflate until they came into contact with a head. Obviously there needs to be some sort of mechanism in place to initiate inflation slightly before collision.
RoboBust, May 08 2003

       For motorcycle airbag jackets and vests see www.hit-air.com (there's also video downloads). Also for horse riding www.hit-air.com/horse. They operate via a lanyard attached to bike or saddle.
YGH, Nov 14 2003


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