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safer thrill sports

airbags for avalance
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Avalonce: avalanche airbag with options available a system that is affixed to the body Somehow, pack, hip pack, When sensors are able to rule out a major whip out. as happening. But instead an actual avalanche. IT Inflates This inflation must happen prior to a Snow lock in. Because lacking that, the forces would backfire crushing the intended client, thus being Counter productive. While in the ride of a lifetime, the Air Bag will hold legs together, Arms onto Body, and save the head. e.g Slowing Down the Deceleration Speed of a Collision with Boulder or Tree ass may be in the Cards that day! upon Settling into a final Position. would Insolate the Body heat from melting the Immediate Snows that will freeze And nix oxygen/air. The Bag Deflates Into a nice mat. a mat that absorbs Carbon Dioxide additional Accessories Could Include: a Pint Sized Compressed O2 Canister, or a ten meter telescoping Probe, like an antenna that when Cranked upwards to the desired location. (not in this deadly Snowbound tomb)a Indelible X n a Bright day-glow or glow in the dark effervescence Ink, would self apply to the location directly above , adding data, like depth and any greetings the entombed may enjoy posting. This helps searchers to locate. Also available, a lesser Version Can allow only for Digging the Snow from above maintaining the Bubble size. Digging a Escape

As a after thought a motion detector added to the probe. This along with some simple txt or audio would really be your basic stress reliever, eliminating the wait game of uncertainty.. Although prayer is still an option !

Sir_Misspeller, Dec 28 2008

http://www.sledreve.../images/sponso6.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 29 2008]


       it just crossed my mind. a top value accessory could be a satalite link ... and this would add the option to gain 15 min of fame while negotiating a exclusive rights deal to sale the event. journalists make their bread and butter like this. this' pre- occupation' accessory is a super way to take your mind off of a miserable impending death
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 29 2008

       It's a little hard to tell what you mean, but avalanche airbags are baked. [link]   

       bear with me, as im illiterate and have some 'issues' affecting ability to focus as would be common among others. however i'm not an idiot. and actually i believe this playground will 'learn me' to communicate as i would like.. comprehend able sentences properly sequences and punctuated to help not hinder the communication...   

       point taken. point much appreciated. and my apology ...
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 29 2008

       i reckon this was baked when the Mars Rovers safely bounded, bounced, rolled into recent history. and that total surround was more my idea here
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 30 2008

       The "Wearable Airbag" prototyped in the US television series "Prototype This!" episode 9 also featured what looked almost like full enclosure, although that was for the benefit of a falling person rather than one about to be entombed.
jutta, Dec 30 2008


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