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Knee Bags

They feel fine
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I like many others am often hit by sudden and uncontrollable feelings of despair and guilt, as a direct result I fall to my knees and weep, this as you can imagine plays havoc with my knees, especially when weeping on hard surfaces. After trying many products such as knee pads for skaters, I found that they were not up to standard, although satisfactory for the initial hit, they became highly uncomfortable for the long sob, these also I found looked silly. Inflatable knee bags I found to be most useful, hidden under the trouser when the knee begins to bend past a certain angle a small charge is let off inflating the knee bag for a soft landing and comfortable long cry. The best part is they can be folded away for use later in the day. Coming soon, reinforced knee bags for despair in thorn bushes.
Mr Risk, Mar 20 2003

Airbags for Clothing http://www.halfbake...m)_20for_20Clothing
Been there. [DrBob, Oct 17 2004]

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Humph. It would appear that my idea was preceded by DrBob's. My defence is that these are more controlled. [Jinbish, Oct 17 2004]

Knee pads http://www.besafe.c...n/besafe.storefront
er....didn't work [Mr Risk, Oct 17 2004]


       I don't want to vote for this, especially since bob's thought of it before. But I fear the impact of my negative vote on your mental health. You get a pity croissant.
Worldgineer, Mar 21 2003

       I think you need Prozac not knee bags.
DrCurry, Mar 21 2003

       But wouldn't the knee bags burst through the trousers and you'd therefore look sillier for longer, as you walk around looking like the Hulk after a freak out? Hmmm, I like the idea now, instant hulk strides... +1
liamdelahunty, Mar 21 2003

       Hehe, I actually fall arseward when I have uncontrollable feelings of despair and guilt, I guess I'll have to slightly modify the knee bags.
RoboBust, Mar 22 2003

       Send me a pair. I also need a head covering to prevent me pulling out my hair, and fist guards for pounding on the ground.
Amos Kito, Mar 23 2003

       <…leaving a croissant at his feet, as he weeps, as he weeps…>
pluterday, Mar 24 2003

       You might consider marketing these in Nevada, where they might actually sell to relieve the stress put on the girls knees when they........... Well you get the picture.........
theThinker, Mar 24 2003

       ..pray for real men?
po, Mar 24 2003

       This sounds more like air-bags deloyed at the knees during accidents???
none of your business, Mar 26 2003

       Laughing hard. Great idea. There has to be a related product in the "kiss your @ass goodbye category"
timbuktu11, Mar 30 2003

       I don't sob a lot, But I do like the safety of knowing that IF I ever did, the Knee bags are there for me. Sort of like a volvo.. [But volvos are ugly]. Great idea, Mr. Risk !!
mahatma, Apr 24 2003

       if you really use what you said you would, [mr. risk], the "little charge" would make your knees blow off before they reach the floor.. that would only make your feelings of despair and guilt much worse.. I wouldn't use it..
sweet, Jan 21 2004

       Ha! Forgot this one. Inflatable bun to my dramatic friend over there. +
k_sra, Jan 21 2004


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