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Safe to jump

The box that saves lives
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Safe to jump! The newest technology to save you from tall buildings. Safe to jump will be made out of the same metarials as they have used to throw space rovers onto mars. Its non-flamable and it bounces reduceing pressure on the person it self. Most space technoloy has help us develop some things today so why dont we use that. yes it may be costly to have that feature but it saves lives! A person gets put into a small cylinder and then is locked and gently pushed out a window. The Cylinder measures how much time there is till reaching the bottom and releases big pouches of cloth filled with a substance and a couple of paracutes to hold slow it down more to enure the safety. Then it has a cushoned bounce on the ground and it keeps rolling then it deflates. The inside is made of air cushions also supporting the body. And the outer protective layer is made of dence alloy/ or metal.
mpco, Nov 25 2005

If I seem like a brave adrenalin junkie... http://hometown.aol.../base_fatality_list
...it's a clever illusion...I'm really a bookworm who thrills in the endorphins of injury. [normzone, Nov 26 2005]


       This is a one way ticket to hell, by the sound of it. The helium ain't gonna help you one bit (see elsewhere for discussion: you will need too much of it, and it will leak away by the time the device is deployed.)   

       Throw out drogues or parachutes instead , and you might stand a chance. So a tentative croissant, pending correction of design flaws.
DrCurry, Nov 25 2005

       I think I learned of this site on the 'bakery, and I've referenced it here and elsewhere again...   

       This is a sport I'm eager for and will never do...I hope. [link]
normzone, Nov 26 2005


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