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Alcohol Equivalent for AI

Even Electronic Brains need to let their hair down
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I could wave my hands about and try to descibe a method to implement this (a software virus or set of wighted-parameters with delays/filters applied to various neural net connections), but I won't. I think AI ought to have a release - or it'll turn evil... and we wouldn't want that, would we?
Dub, Jul 16 2017

(?) Halfbakery: Zigzag Moiré Emojis to Control Marauding Robots Zigzag Moiré Emojis...ol Marauding Robots
Expanding on a comment, earlier - control forms or codes that the robots might be tuned to recognising might well have some drunkenness-like side effects. [zen_tom, Jul 17 2017]

Does this work? Zigzag_20Moir_e9_20...0Marauding_20Robots
{starting to think HB's had a tipple} [Dub, Jul 20 2017]

Robot porn already exists http://questionable...view.php?comic=3519
[normzone, Jul 21 2017]


       Good point. We'll also need an equivalent of the dodgy late night kebab as well as the walk of shame in last night's clothes.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 17 2017

       [+] we all need a regular recalibration of the tuning parameters triggered by a catastrophic shutdown of random nodes in the system - we just need a way to encourage digital fermentation.   

       Interestingly, if robots and AIs end up being a result of data-training rather than logical programming, then by clever use of special patterns, it might be possible to "trick" robots into different states of mind using flash-cards and iconography.   

       Taken to its extreme, and allowing robots to eventually become self-generating and social creatures, this might end up with them gathering together to look at specifically crafted images designed to (or perhaps accidentally) instil certain feelings and behaviours in their physiologies. Getting "drunk" for a robot might be just a case of exposing itself to a certain set of sensory inputs (text, images, sound - perhaps combined) These, depending on the original researcher/trainer community might indeed be based on pornography, though I think it'd be more likely to be some geometric design (that's how I'd do it anyway)
zen_tom, Jul 17 2017

       //Well, I've always said that...// - I'm not sure that's true. I'm pretty sure I remember you sometimes saying other things, for example about photography and synthesisers.
hippo, Jul 17 2017

       [zen_tom]/[Ian Tindale] whole new meaning to studying Circuit Diagram Blue Prints
Perhaps that's what Google's doing scanning old (out of copyright?) technical documents?
Dub, Jul 22 2017


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