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anti addiction supply dogs

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Have you ever seen those big dogs the rescue people stranded in alaska or a cold wintery environment. They have a container around their neck what is life saving " medicine"

This idea is based on that and I need to kick a habit/ addiction like smoking or drinking or whichever drug you happen to struggle with.

The program goes like this A team of dogs are organized each other container placed around its neck( colar with a small drum) The drums contain the material that you are addicted to. Some drums are filled Some drums are not some dogs are fast and some dogs are slow

The dogs are then set free in your town Your Challenge is to try and Catch 1 To get your treat. Catching dogs Or trying to catch dogs Can be exhausting Experience is meant to deter your use of whatever poison. Weather you succeed In kicking Your habit Or not You will be in better shape Healthier more fit.provided you don't get bitten or mauled to death

vfrackis, May 29 2012

Cartman's ByLaw Cartman_27s_20ByLaw
Takes me baaaaaaaaaaack [oscil8, Jun 02 2012]


       This is the most halfbaked idea ever.
rcarty, May 29 2012

       It's like there is a code in the randomly capitalized and missing letters and punctuation...   

       Yes there Is no Code
vfrackis, May 30 2012

       If you mean the Saint Bernards with little casks of brandy on their collars, that was done in the Swiss Alps, not in Alaska. The dogs are trained to locate and, if possible, dig out survivors of an avalanche; they no longer carry brandy, since it is now known that the 'warmth' provided by alchohol is an illusory sensation. Today, rescue dogs frequently carry first aid kits, which are generally more useful in an emergency than a few sips of liquor.   

       As for this idea, you kind of lost me in the second paragraph (and I use that word loosely); it sounds like a very poorly-conceived detox program combined with a reality-style game show. Somehow, I don't see how being provided with more of the drug they are hooked on will help addicts kick their habits, nor do I understand how being "bitten or mauled to death" will accomplish same, and I'm not sure how the weather factors into any of it.
Alterother, May 30 2012

       //they no longer carry brandy//   

       Actually, they never did. It's a myth originating from a painting by John Emms, in which he imaginatively added the brandy barrel.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2012

       The reason why this idea is kind of stupid is that if the dogs carried cocaine or heroin, or other expensive drugs that people are addicted to, they would just kill the dog to get the substance- and that wouldn't be very nice at all. I really want to give a bone...
xandram, May 30 2012

       Woof, woof, go ahead and bone, xan. I will if you will.
blissmiss, May 30 2012

       Go ahead, jump out of the troika - those are probably rescue dogs
lurch, May 30 2012

       I dictated this idea from my phone. Speech to text likes capital letters. Sorry no code. Swiss Alps yes!   

       The concept here is sound. Please remember that someone would request this service, it would be an at will method of quitting smoking for example and getting into shape. Dog Killers well I don't know how to address that but I will think about it.   

       It's a workout to try and catch a dog. The experience of trying to do so can be quite exhausting. This experience is intended to deliver a moment where the addict can question the logic of working so hard to feed their addiction.   

       I had considered having the dogs wear mirrored suits so that the person chasing after them could have a glimpse of what they look like. Would the idea have been more successful had I included this part?   

       Next thought was you're chasing a dog that equals exercise. Exercise is good for anyone especially smokers.   

       I would also add that this form of dog occupation does not exist, this is a new category. A category of work that could mean all those doggies in the pound scheduled to be put down for no other reason except that no one wants them, these doggies could get an extra shot at life.   

       I say this idea deserves buns, many many buns! Give the bones to the dogs.
vfrackis, May 30 2012

       I see your point a little more clearly now, but I'm still not a huge fan. Using it for nicotine addicts is a little more sensible, as long as the smokers don't chase the dog until their lungs collapse and their hearts explode.   

       However, anyone who's spent enough time around dogs knows that the best way to catch a dog is to put a couple of strips of bacon in your pocket, then sit down somewhere and completely ignore the dog.
Alterother, May 30 2012

       If i had the money and I were a smoker being able to have my smokes delivered by a dog would impress people.
vfrackis, May 30 2012

       OK [blissy] bone is done!   

       [vfrak] What makes you think that catching dogs is that difficult? Like [Alter] says- bacon in your pocket, whatever, dogs are addicted to things, too!   

       Yes, I would like the mirror idea! Use it in another idea, like the one where I need to lose some weight!
xandram, May 30 2012

       The more you chase a dog, the more they will run away from you, because it's fun. The instant you turn your back on them, they start to wonder why you won't play anymore.   

       If witholding affection for a few minutes doesn't have a dog climbing into your lap, bacon or peanut butter will. Every now and then we get a call from people whose dog has gotten loose and won't come to them because they think it's a great game, or somebody who is trying to catch a stray dog to return it to the owners, and that's the advice we give them. I once resorted to extreme measures while trying to capture somebody's escaped husky: I flopped around moaning and clutching my leg. Instant face-licking; gotcha! Dogs are very compassionate, even the independent breeds.   

       So, the first time your nicotine addict runs out of breath and collapses into a wheezing heap on the ground, the dog will come over to see what's wrong. Then the jig is up.
Alterother, May 30 2012


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