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Anaesthetic Tooth

Ah ganth tawp wight now
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For those working in international espionage and crimes against humanity, a tooth containing a fatal dose of cyanide is de rigeur, lest one be unfortunate enough to get captured.

For those of us having a particularly bad day in the office, who no longer wish to talk to clients on the phone, the anaesthetic tooth should be sufficient.

lyserge, Nov 15 2004


       Plenty of cavities in my teeth anyhow, one more won't make much difference. Also, having to go through the procedure would ensure that it was only used in the most desperate of circumstances.   

       I wasn't sure if I could get anything over the counter (to carry in my pocket) which would provide the level of numbness required.   

       Plus I thought that this way people would be less likely to accidentally/deliberately overdose and do themselves some serious damage. More controlled, y'see.
lyserge, Nov 15 2004

       If you filled the tooth with an anaesthetic gas under compression, you could make boring people at parties drop unconscious.   

       'Remember the tooth!' Yueh hissed, 'The tooth!'
st3f, Nov 15 2004

       Assuming it was your own tooth that you filled, you're more likely to make the bored person drop unconscious.
angel, Nov 15 2004

       And this is a downside how?
starfyredragon, Aug 05 2009

       I have a single malt scotch filled tooth. I was getting into it so often that it was getting expensive to replace, so now I just keep it on my desk.
bungston, Aug 05 2009

       How, exactly, do cyanide-filled teeth work?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2009

       Exactly like anaesthetic-filled teeth, but with cyanide.
shudderprose, Aug 06 2009


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