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base-emitting artificial tooth

emit bases and protect teeth with them
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This tooth would use refillable time-release cartridges of a fairly strong, tasteless, nontoxic base (ideas anyone?) to protect teeth by countering the acid naturally existing in a mouth.

It has to be strong to let a single cartridge last all day.

inspired by linked.
Voice, Mar 01 2011

Alkaline Sweets Alkaline_20Sweets
[Voice, Mar 01 2011]


       buffering. film culture. localized pH/generalized pH. all food tastes bad/salty. salt intake/day. constant salivation. crusty lips.
WcW, Mar 02 2011

       //...// You forgot gas, as the pH+'d saliva hits the pH- in the stomach.   

       That being said, baking soda might work.
FlyingToaster, Mar 02 2011


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