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luminous false teeth
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Please could somebody make me some glow-in-the-dark detures so I can find them at night when I've knocked them off my bedside cabinet. I can't put the light on because it would wake the wife
Sir Jekyll Shave, Feb 04 2003

Glow in the dark dentures http://www.unitedma...s/fang_dentures.JPG
Not what you had in mind, I'll wager. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

Glow-in-the-dark Toothpaste http://www.halfbake...e-dark_20Toothpaste
related idea by [Crayola] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I believe that dentures fluoresce under UV light, whereas natural teeth do not, in which case, semi-baked. (Or maybe it was the other way round, in which case, oops!)
angel, Feb 04 2003

       cheshire cat impersonation?
rbl, Feb 04 2003

       Who was the user a while back that declared "from this point on, I shall refer to myself only in the third person?" Was it [Canuck]?
bristolz, Feb 04 2003

       [rmutt] used to do it.
angel, Feb 04 2003

       why? do you want to bite your wife?
po, Feb 04 2003

       [thimble] has given up on third person and now insists he will only refer to himself in the fourth person. Someone else will post for him.
Cedar Park, Feb 04 2003

       Jim beat you to it, thim.
egbert, Feb 04 2003

       [bristolz] rolls her eyes at the dramatic statement but in the spirit of experimentation tries out this particular affectation.   

       I work with someone who refers to himself in the third person as a matter of course. I've gotten so used to it now that I hardly even think about it until I hear someone else comment on it.
bristolz, Feb 04 2003

       We begin to wonder whether it might be time for us to adopt a similar affectation. We are, as yet, unsure as to the form of affectation we should adopt.
angel, Feb 05 2003

       Teeth do glow in nightclubs with dem purple lights, if youve brushed three times a day since you were six. otherwise you look a bit ratty.
Trodden, Feb 05 2003

       Be great for search and rescue people at night make you easy to spot, all you would need to do is smile a lot, could also be usefull as a small flashlight.
smartnut, Mar 12 2003


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