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Annual Hate Week

So that we can live peacefully the rest of the year...
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Generally people exhibit behaviour X during the designated Annual X Week. For example, may people appriciate their fathers only around father's day...

Instituting an Annual Hate Week would encourage people to confine hateful acts to that week and become reluctant to be hateful the rest of the time.

With proper commecialization, people's hatefulness could even be redirected towards meaningless and harmless activities that aid the economy as well.

ps, Jul 01 2000


       That must be why I recycle on earth day.
mika_ranta, Jul 02 2000

       This makes sense. People are only nice during the holidays so there has to be a contrast.
AM_Jenni, Jul 03 2000

       I especially like the commercial aspect of it. Stock up on bags of rotten tomatoes and limburger -- send everyone you hate a special card from Hallmark's "Sod Off!" division -- put a bowl of excrement-shaped candy on your desk at work -- and of course, prepare the traditional Dead Lawyer Stew on the day itself. Soon there'll be room for a cartoon special in which Garfield bemoans the fact that everyone has forgotten the TRUE meaning of Hate Week.
wordmama, Jul 03 2000

       Isn't this idea straight out of George Orwell's 1984?
hippo, Jul 04 2000

       An episode of Star Trek (the original version) was based on a similar idea except it was Do Whatever the Hell You Like Week.
DrBob, Jul 04 2000

       I really hate this idea.
Scott_D, Aug 11 2000

       Sadly, this is now being baked. The Palestinians just had a "Day of Rage" last week or a couple of weeks ago, and already they feel they need to have a second one. So the "get it all out of your system" idea doesn't seem to be working too well.   

       Still, the idea does represent creative thinking, and there's always value in that.
beauxeault, Oct 13 2000

       Well, with the confirmation of John Ashcroft, I suspect we can have a 'hate anybody to doesn't follow the same strict belief system you do' week. Actually, this might run for the next 4 years!
RobGraham, Feb 02 2001

       [hippo] is obviously right, but by adding another thing from this book (Goldstein, the most likely non-existent object of hate), the idea could be used as everybody's hate would be channeled at a non-existent person. We'd just have to take a better (i.e. not jew-insulting) name for the object of hate.
Saruman, Jul 07 2002

       Just what we need to encourage a sense of national and global unity. Hate is actually quite a bad thing, I'm not entirely sure why we would wish to encourage it.
missfire, Jul 07 2002

       If you really hate someone/something- isn't it just better to avoid it? If you want to celebrate hating someone, it doesn't really mean that you hate them... you're just making it worse.
funky_monkey, Jul 08 2002

       I hate all of you and all of your crappy ideas. <pleasant sigh.>
1kester, Jul 08 2002

       Does anybody know where I can get a copyright lawyer punching bag?
Detly, Feb 04 2004

       LoL Funny suggestion. Several flaws. Doing something for your father on Father's Day is an effort, hating is venting. Those two are diametrically opposite, there is no way one can be an analogy for the other.   

       Venting has been shown to increase habitual violent behaviour. Basically, you get adicted to 'blowing off steam' and it becomes the natural thing to do every time you get upset. This is why psychiatrists do not treat violent patients by 'venting' them.   

       Last point is somewhat valid, you would get huge negative response by trying to introduce something like that. Thus making people make a clear statement against hate. But this is a two edged sword: while you do unite oposition, you make them weary. How can it be that some people actually go as far as to endorse hate with a week of hate? Is this a reality? Should I be scared?   

       Will have to vote no on all acounts ;/
Zus, Sep 17 2006


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