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Time zone E-Pal

a friend further West
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It's too late to talk to those in my timezone. I'd really like to just vent about something that happened today, but proper protocol suggests I do it by email or text.

There's no bounce back of emotions or ideas in emails or text.

If I had an E-Pal in India, I suspect they'd be up about now. I could return the favor when all their friends were in the time frame of too late to call, I know it!

Zimmy, Dec 11 2010


       CRICKEY! NO volunteers for mad, mad Zimmy. I've seen the southern cross constilation with my own eyes, though I had to have it pointed out.
Zimmy, Apr 28 2011

       Superb idea! Would it be like dating? You put an advert online for an understanding E-Pal within a specified time-zone to rant to in the wee small hours? Whatever the mechanism of E-Pal acquisition, I'm all for it!
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 28 2011

       Nepal e-pal ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2011

       [DC], perhaps it should be the other way round, you sign up to volunteer to accept random rants (perhaps with check-boxes to indicate acceptable and unacceptable regions of rantspace). Then the ranter would log on, select the type of rant and press “connect” to be put through to a random recipient.
pocmloc, Apr 28 2011

       Yes, essentially a rant dbase.
normzone, Apr 28 2011

       //regions of rantspace// Now *there's* an interesting concept.
mouseposture, Apr 28 2011


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