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Festival dedicated to the other emotion
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Anoyance, the other emotion.

This is a festival for people who love to be annoyed. It will be arranged on a farm with space for lots of people and lots of sound equipment. It will consist of three days of people making the most annoying sounds possible, inventively, into the best possible sound equipment, which will be invented as the annoyathon progresses, drawing funding from annoyance experts like google, apple, facebook, amazon, microsoft, verizon, Haliburton, McDonalds, and Disney.

JesusHChrist, Oct 19 2016


       Maybe the farm should be too small and not have ample parking. Pshaw, so annoying!
I'mGoingtoMarryJackWhite, Oct 19 2016

       And there should be spelling and grammatical errors in all communications relating to this event (e.g. "amplifiyers").
hippo, Oct 20 2016

       Hey, [I'mGoingtoMarryJackWhite] - long time no see. Did you?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2016

       I don't understand why you're limiting your focus to annoying sounds.
Voice, Oct 20 2016

       A crowd of old geezers wandering around belching and farting... or is it intended that the sounds be generated artificially?
whatrock, Oct 20 2016


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