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Place of Broken Hearts

A cemetery for lover's and friend's mementos
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When friends and lovers are breaking up there is a lot of pain and misunderstanding, and seldom any place to go, either physically or mentally.

The Place of Broken Hearts is a small environment of trees, grass, running water, some buildings along with a well and a perpetually burning flame.

You can go there and bury some treasured item, or compose a secret message that you throw down the well. You can leave the presents you never got to deliver to be picked apart by squirrels and stolen by ravens.

You can set up a shrine, or you can hang items to wither from the branches in the trees. You can write poems on the walls, leave flowers to float downstream and disappear, or toss them into the flame to make their smoke merge with the ether. You can tear out your hair and leave it in a heap. You can stand on your head with dead leaves between your toes.

You may even meet someone you know here doing the same thing for you.

xenzag, Sep 17 2006

Jim Morrison's Grave http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN
cemetery Pére Lachaise [xenzag, Sep 17 2006]

Lerab Ling Prayer Flags http://www.lerabling.org/index.php?pid=2
Named after Lerab Lingpa, the teacher of the 13th Dalai Lama. [xenzag, Sep 17 2006]

There should be one of these next door. [zen_tom, Sep 18 2006]


JesusHChrist, Sep 17 2006

       Wow - good idea! I could have buried my heart there five or six times over.
DrCurry, Sep 17 2006

       My heart's in England. (Where I'm not). It's making it very difficult to get anything meaningful done. I could do with a place like this. The Pub, although useful, isn't the healthiest way to deal with it all. [+]
Had your heart broken lately, [xen]?
m_Al_com, Sep 17 2006

       Another fun addition would be a cannon that you can fill with items (love letters, pictures, teddy bears, etc) from that ex-special someone and blow them to smithereens!
MoreCowbell, Sep 17 2006

       I like that, MoreCowbell ;)   

       A bonfire of broken hearts hehe.
Zus, Sep 17 2006

       + [xenzag] - Jim Morrison's Grave. The funny thing is, I'm not in there. A spirit so wantonly free, soon tired of the damp morbid company without delicious pain and the mysterious night. - oh, wait. don't exhume me. I've just been playing around.
Zimmy, Sep 18 2006

       + wonderful and beautiful. I would also feel the need to have a sledgehammer nearby...
xandram, Sep 18 2006

       I loved it!
nomadic_wonderer, Sep 18 2006

       I meant to add that there are shovels lying around, and some "starter" holes of various depths, so that you can climb into one and keep digging.
xenzag, Sep 19 2006

       //perpetually burning flame// Phew! - I thought that was a metaphor, but so long as it's just there to torch stuff, +.
Shz, Sep 19 2006


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