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Procrastination day

Dont put off this celebration any longer
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I have been thinking of suggesting this for a while now. What do you all think of the idea? Now if it takes you a little while to annotate, I'll understand.
tasman, Aug 01 2004

(?) national procrastination week http://www.newsgene...esources/events.htm
plenty of other choice holidays here too [xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       i'll have to think about this...............
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004

       Isn't this what sunday's were made for?
Cunninglinguist, Aug 01 2004

       Fantastic idea - how's about tomorrow?
wagster, Aug 01 2004

       I love it, but who would plan the celebrations?
skuiper, Aug 01 2004

       Okay, good idea, can't quite fit it in at the moment how about we have it in a few weeks?
scubadooper, Aug 01 2004

       This idea would have 30 croissants by now, if people would get off their a**es and click the vote button.
phundug, Aug 01 2004

       *click* but I didn't get off my a**. I prefer to sit and surf.
destructionism, Aug 01 2004

       I'll have a think about your annos and possibly get back to you tomorrow
tasman, Aug 01 2004

       Anybody know when the 2003 annual meeting of the Procrastination Society is going to be held?
tasman, Aug 01 2004

       I'll vote on this tomorrow.
DrCurry, Aug 01 2004

       Didn't we procrastinate this idea before?
thumbwax, Aug 01 2004

       sounds like just a normal day for me.
simonj, Aug 01 2004

       what [simonj] said, sadly.
Pericles, Aug 01 2004

       turns out, there's a 'national procrastination week', march 1-7. no word on whether it's started or finished though. (link)
xclamp, Aug 01 2004

       Does this mean if we wait around long enough wondering whether to have a holiday or not, tomorrow will be holiday too?
goff, Aug 02 2004

       I have to get other things done before I vote on this, but I I'll be thinking about it and fretting over it, and it's going to make me break out and my ulcer is going to act up again...
Machiavelli, Aug 02 2004

       Great idea for a holiday but whens the beer comin?
Jim_Bean, Aug 02 2004

       //Finished with Procrastination Day! NEXT!// What about International Wet Blanket Day ?
tasman, Aug 02 2004

       "Folks, if you were with us last week, we never got around to mentioning that it was National Procrastination day. If you get a chance this week, please try to celebrate it. If you can't get to it, then maybe try to do it at the weekend, but no big rush. Have a nice day."

(just a little something I found via google when I finally got around to seeing if this had been done before. Based on the 50K+ hits, I'd say yes, eventually)
lintkeeper2, Aug 02 2004

       //when I finally got around to seeing if this had been done before// I was going to do that but never got around to it
tasman, Aug 03 2004

       I'll post a proper anno once I've had chance to read the suggestion.
WYBloke, Aug 03 2004

       Not now. I've got a headache.   

       Baked- National Dothing Day is Feb. 12 (All Saits Calendar) in the US. I remember because that's when she left me. It made sense at the time. fishbones!
Around TUIT, Aug 15 2004

       Get some sleep, [around].
contracts, Aug 15 2004

       Thought I'd pop back and see if anyone had done anything with this since my last anno[p------- (cat on keyboard). Maybe I'll get the ball moving soon.
wagster, Aug 17 2004

       I'll give you a bun...tomorrow.
Freefall, Aug 17 2004

       I'll give you a bun today, just 'cawse this seems like a decidedly newtral idear.
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 17 2004

       Bun yesterday, bun tomorrow - But never bun today.
popbottle, Aug 16 2016


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